Jawbone Creates Up to Improve Health

Accessory company Jawbone recently revealed their latest creation. “Up,” a hardware and software system that tracks the eating, sleeping, and movements of its wearers, gives them a picture of their overall health.

The wristband is about the same size and width of a “LiveStrong” bracelet, contains sensors that track activities and habits, and a complementary smartphone app that gathers the data.

“[Up] is a total system that encompasses hardware and software to help attack this bigger problem that we see around health and wellness and utilizing all the things we’re good at and making really really good technology smaller…combining that with fashionable, wearable design and integrating that into a social, connected experience,” said Rotman, Jawbone’s CEO, in an interview with Wired.com.

“Up” is one of many new gadgets, software programs, and smartphone apps to pop up recently focused on health improvement. While Jawbone representatives stress that “Up” should not replace professional medical care, they hope that it will inspire, improve, and enhance the health regimens of users. Such gadgets boast their up-to-the-minute ability to provide users with the most current data and delivering it in a user-friendly mode, making them tantalizing to gadget-geeks and newer users alike.

According to the company, Jawbone has been developing “Up” for about two years. The product will ship later this year for iOS and Android devices, but the price has yet to be determined. Potential users interested in getting a sneak peek “Up” can add their email address to a waiting list on the Jawbone “Up” website to check out the new gadget before its released on the market.

(Photo: Wired.com and Jawbone)

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