A Caring Future

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Care homes, hospitals and even domiciliary care agencies have been under the spotlight for many years. Rules and regulations to safeguard service-users have been increasingly tightened making the industry one of the most regulated. Care of anyone is an important issue and with vulnerable people especially it is one where care can feel like treading on eggshells and with tighter regulations one begins to ask about the future of care. 

Controls in care

The regulation came about because of some failures in the care sector. Over the course of many years, events happened, some hitting the headlines, that drew attention to issues being overlooked when caring for a person. Hospitals and Care Homes take the regulations seriously and residents in their care and their families are also taking things seriously. Because of all the controls, many of which can be easily overlooked by accident, the levels of reporting within the guidelines are tremendous and while no one likes tough rules the reporting is as much a part of the rules as the rules themselves.

Turning to technology for better care

The vast amounts of legislation and regulation in the care sector have made the industry accountable and through accountability, care has generally improved. Many care homes and hospitals strive to exceed the regulatory requirements and training is one any area that is massively being stepped up.  Furthermore, the incorporation of technology such as Log my Care is equally becoming important. Being able to manage and control the reporting and well as assigning duties in line with regulations is crucial in the modern care industry. With so much to consider technology is now very much a part of caring.

Changing how we care

The care sector, especially caring for vulnerable adults and children has become regulated to avoid harm, increase dignity, avoid any denial of rights and above all improve the overall levels of care. The care itself is having to change as residents become even more of a priority. Carers need to be more diligent in their duties and more caring toward their residents and this is changing the face of care. Everything from feeding and dressing to how residents are interacted with is controlled and yet the challenge is to make care feel like it is not controlled but happy and safe. 

An improved care industry

Overall regulatory requirements that have required an increase and improvement in care have seen care training improve. The same rules and legislation have seen carers become vastly more responsible for having a better understanding of why they care how they care and do what they do. Technology cannot replace a caregiver, but it can make the job of a caregiver easier in a very regulated environment, especially with very care conscious carers. At first regulation in the care sector was not liked but today the very same regulations are what has driven the care industry to become as good as it is and well trained, controlled care ultimately is better for all.

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