World’s First Concrete Screen

Imagine a wall, floor, or sidewalk with moving images. A new technology by the Danish company Innovation Lab that transforms concrete into a screen promises just that.

Developed as a collaboration between engineering student Christoffer Dupont, architecture student Lene Langballe, and the Danish concrete manufacturer Dalton Beton, the screen is reminiscent of another transparent concrete technology that incorporates fiber optics.

The screen is composed of concrete with embedded optical fibers, arranged as pixels, capable of transmitting natural as well as artificial light. The light-admission points are on the back of the screen where the fibers are positioned. The light, or the picture, is then displayed in pixels on the front. The light source can be a projector emitting pictures or film footage. In principle, the screen is capable of acting as a window since – owing to the combination of the screen concept’s light-absorption and optical cables – it has a capacity for transmitting natural light.

More information and a video is available on the Innovation Lab website.

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