Aeros Aeroscraft

The Aeroscraft is a combination airship and advanced aircraft, exceptionally designed to carry huge amount of cargo very long distances. The Aeroscraft concept is currently under development by the California-based company Aeros, which specializes in lighter-than-air aircrafts. According to Aeros, the Aeroscraft should have several different applications ranging from a luxury cruise airship to freighter and even a military cargo aircraft.

Among its unique features are electrical secondary propulsion (to help lift the heavier-than-air, helium-filled Aeroscraft), air cushion takeoff/landing system (for relatively rough and remote airfields), and a digital flight management system including Fly-by-Wire (FBW), similar to that which exists in many modern combat aircrafts to help pilots control the aircraft. The Aeroscraft would be an ultra-low noise emission vehicle with very low fuel and maintenance costs, and take-off and land vertically.

The Walrus military version of the Aeroscraft, being codeveloped by Aeros and DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), would carry up to 500 tons of equipment 12,000 nautical miles in less than a week and land in unimproved landing sites. However, the Walrus project is in danger of termination and its future beyond 2007 is unclear.

More information on the Aeroscraft concept is available on the Aeros website.

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