LiTraCon – Light-Transmitting Concrete

Invented by Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi in 2001, LiTraCon is a mixture of thousands of optical fibers and fine concrete produced as precast building blocks and panels that are light-transmitting.

LiTraCon rooms will be brightened and proximal objects situated on the brighter side of a LiTraCon wall will be revealed as silhouettes on the other side. Though the optical fibers compose only 4% of the concrete, some light is transmitted because of their parallel arrangement in a matrix between to the two outer surfaces of each block. Load-bearing structures can also be built from these blocks, since glass fibers have no negative effect on the strength of the concrete. The blocks come in various sizes and with an option of embedded heat-isolation. Since not everyone appreciates the look of exposed concrete, LitraCon is creating light-transmitting building blocks in other textures and colors as well.

More information from the LiTraCon company website.

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