Omsignal Smart-Shirt to Wirelessly Measure your Vitals

Omsignal smart T-shirt
Montreal based startup OMsignal developed a T-shirt that can track your daily steps, calorie burn, heart rate, and even your breathing pattern and emotional well-being and send this information to a smart app on your mobile device and even share it with your doctor if needed.
There are a host of smart clothing and electronic sports accessories out there, but every now and then comes a new and innovative new technology. OMsignal developed new algorithms aimed at interpreting bio-signals and sending the results in a simple user friendly way to the user mobile device.
OMsignal designed 100% fiber-based T-shirts (polyester/lycra fabric) which includes built in sensors including a 3-axis accelerometer that can capture heart rhythms (ECG), breathing patterns and activity as well as calories burned during daily activity. A breathing sensor in the shirt also measures ribcage extension and contraction, giving a measure of respiratory rate and the depth of each breath – something which can indicate stress levels for example.
Each OMsignal has a built in battery (good for up to 16 hours) which can easily be recharged using USB as well as a BT wireless transmitter which can help the user connect the T-shirt to your mobile device.
The OMsignal shirt also contains a built in GPS capability which should help users understands how there body’s react to different situations (although we are not sure how accurately it will run indoors). As with any piece of clothing – washing is vital. The OMsignal shirt is washable, but you have to remember to remove the small electronics box before putting the shirt in the washer.
Although the OMsignal smart T-shirt is not yet ready for sale, the company has been offering developers 100 free shirts for suggesting the best way to improve the product. OMsignal is determined to build a platform for that 3’rd party developers can utilize and create an entire ecosystem based around its product.  The company hopes to have a commercial product available by the end of the year.

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You can find more information about OMsignal’s technology on its website.

Video showing OMsignal’s technology

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