Socks with Sensors to Prevent Injuries, Improve Running

The Sensoria anklet

The Sensoria mobile app
Washington-based startup Heapsylon’s is working on special socks that have integrated sensors that monitor the user’s walking and running habits and connects to a mobile app which can help prevent sport related injuries which occur frequently among athletes.
Running is typically considered a healthy cardiovascular activity however research found that out of the millions of runners in the U.S. about half will suffer some sort of injury each year, many of those related directly to poor technique.
Since very few non professional runners undergo specific training in running techniques, its hardly surprising that poor technique lead again and again to injuries. Heapsylon’s Sensoria Socks technology has been developed specifically to help with this problem and prevent injuries even before they happen by giving feedback based on real world information measured during the user’s running session.
Sensoria can actually do much more than just help you improve your technique. It can monitor many aspects of your body during running (just like several others connected sports accessories from Nike Nike, FitBit, Jawbone and other companies).The Sensoria sensor can track the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, number of steps and distance of running and much more.
This data is transmitted using Bluetooth to the user’s mobile device and feed into an app which can give you this information in a clear way and help you evaluate your progress and plan your workout routine. Sensoria is not just a part of the new trend of connected sport’s accessories but it also part of the new smart-fabric revolution. The Sensoria socks use a fabric with built in sensors as well as a special band that transmit the data to the mobile device.
Sensoria socks should reach the market later this year (price was not announced at this point). Heapsylon’s technology is patent pending in the U.S. and when the company will finally release their product into the market it will join a booming connected sport’s accessory industry that has only been increasing in recent years.

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You can find more information on Heapsylon’s website.
The following Heapsylon video explain more about the Sensoria technology

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