Pixel Press – Design Your Own Game by Drawing it




Ever whished you could design a computer game but didn’t know how? A new innovative project might let you do just that by simply drawing your levels on paper and taking a picture of them using a special virtual game development app that will convert them into digital versions that anybody could download and play.
Pixel Press is a new startup that has an ambitious goal – to create a completely new way of developing video games that will be accessible to anyone – even people with no programming knowledge. All you need to do is print a 2 page PDF made out of graph-like pattern and start drawing your level (no real drawing skills are required but you will need a lot of imagination and tons of patience). After you finish drawing your level you scan it using a special app (the first version will be iOS only but if successful future versions could also include Android). The app will transform your design into a virtual game level using optical recognition in a process that can take up to one hour.
The most obvious type of game you can design platform video games (similar to super Mario and other jump-and-run type games) but other arcade-like games might also be possible. If successful, it might very well be possible to create virtual board games using the app and the designer – Robin Rath also mentioned the possibility of racer game design.
There are issues of course. Not every level you can design on paper is necessarily playable (for example you can easily create a pit too big to jump across or a machine that will kill you no matter what you do. This is why there will be some sort of verification process for each level before it is completed.
Robin Rath and Pixel Press are looking for funding for the project online on Kickstarter. If they will reach their $100k – they might be able to create a new way by which non-professionals can design games in the future.
You can find more information on the Pixel Press on the project Kickstarter page.
The following video shows the basic concept behind Pixel Press

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