3 Career Opportunities with an Online Animation Degree

Choosing a degree is a crucial decision in life because this serves as your ticket to earn a stable job and build a career in the future. The career you choose can also contribute to your personal and professional growth and the quality of your life in the long run.

If you’re still clueless about the degree you’re going to take, an animation degree can be a great option. This degree covers several aspects of 2D and 3D animation, character animation, graphic design, and multimedia design, allowing you to open several creative doors the moment you graduate.

When you earn an animation degree, you’ll have the opportunity to work in film, television, or even as a freelancer. This level of flexibility makes it easy for you to achieve work and life balance, ward off stress, and ensure that all of your personal and professional responsibilities are met.

Here are some of the career opportunities you can choose from if you have an online animation degree:

1. Animator

Animators are artists who work by using sequential images of drawings, models, and puppets in order to produce films for commercials, digital games, music videos, and websites. Animators produce several images, also called “frames,” and then sequenced them together to create the illusion of movement.

Depending on the job requirement, animators can work in 2D and 3D model-making or computer-generated animation. Although creativity and a knack for storytelling are crucial for animators, more and more employers are also looking for individuals who know how to use technical computer packages for animation.

If you want to become a successful animator after earning an online animation degree, you should have attention to detail, the ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines. You should also know how to network with different people in the industry and have the flexibility to switch between different projects.

Typical employers of animators include film studios, web design companies, and marketing companies. Some animators also choose to work freelance, but taking this direction will require a lot of time for you to build your reputation.

As for the salary, animators who have zero to less than one year of experience earn between $48,000 and $72,000 every year. This amount can increase as the animator gains relevant experience in the industry.

2. Game Developer

As the name suggests, game developers are professionals who work on making games. But for a game developer to successfully make games, they need to design, develop, and deliver high-quality systems and codes using different programming languages, namely C# and C++. They are responsible for writing codes that can turn the designer’s concepts into a playable game.

Game developers should be skilled in using different application program interfaces or APIs because they will need to use various software in order for commands to interact and work properly. Developing complex games will require game developers to use more commands.

Game developers also have to regularly perform code reviews to ensure code quality and that the game is running as expected. They also debug programs, solve complex technical issues, and work closely with teams of artists and designers to ensure that a game is completed on time.

For you to become a successful game developer, you need to have a passion for video games, up-to-date knowledge of different gaming trends and have a strong analytical frame of mind. Proficiency in different programming languages is always a must.

And since creating a game requires you to spend months and years working with other people, having the ability to cooperate and work as part of a team is also crucial for this position.

As a game developer, your typical employers will include video game developing companies (or also called as video game studios or video game developers), and video game publishers. Most of these employers will post their job vacancies online or will utilize the services of recruitment agencies to attract talents.

On average, game developers earn around $50,923 every year. Gaining years of experience in the industry and landing a senior position allows you to earn more.

3. Graphic Designer

One of the primary roles of a graphic designer is to work closely with their clients, understand their needs, and produce outputs that can meet their client’s creative requirements. Usually, the client provides an idea, and the graphic designer is responsible for turning this idea into tangible designs.

Graphic designers are involved in various projects that can include advertising materials, books, computer games, corporate communications, and product packaging. Investing in the necessary hardware and software also allows you to work freelance.

Working as a graphic designer will require you to have technical and drawing skills, along with having a passion for design, flexibility to work in a team, and time management skills. Having excellent communication skills is also necessary as you’ll need to interpret clients’ ideas and negotiate creative briefs with them.

Successful graphic designers know how to build contacts in the industry and are willing to make changes to their first designs. Usually, clients will have several corrections after the graphic designer sends the first design to them. Attention to detail, especially when finalizing designs, is also vital for graphic designers.

Most graphic designers work for agencies that specialize in advertising design, corporate communication, and event branding. Graphic designers can also seek employment from publishers, computer games companies, government agencies, and educational establishments.

On average, graphic designers make $75,000 – $90,000 annually and can still increase after gaining years of experience in the industry. When working as a freelancer, you can also charge more if you have an impressive track record of your designs and earn the recommendations from clients.

Preparedness Is Key

Once you’ve determined that an online animation degree is apt to your interests and career goals, start looking for online schools that offer this degree. Take some time to research the credibility of the school and subjects covered in the degree. This information is vital as this can help you prepare mentally.

An online animation degree can provide a lot of benefits, but remember that you can only enjoy these benefits once you’re well-prepared to take this endeavor.

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