The future of online gaming

It is hard to believe that just three decades ago, the internet was merely a dream and even sending basic messages from one computer to another was considered an advanced, complex computing task. The internet now governs almost every facet of our lives – The way we communicate, the way we shop, how we locate information and how we have fun. In particular, leisure time is increasingly spent online, with online gaming a massive growth area.

More time alone or a social experience?

Online gaming, from adventure games to casinos, can expect to benefit from the continuing development of online technology. But there are conflicting schools of thought over the impact this may have on real-life human interaction. Some believe that the individual will become ever more secluded, reduced to a world where interaction is invariably of the virtual variety. However, there is also evidence that game-playing is becoming a hugely social experience, with 75% of British parents saying that they play video games with their children. It seems that the lounge might be the future of gaming, not the bedroom.

More viewers than ever

Another perceptible trend in the online gaming world is the growing appeal as a spectator pursuit. Online and video gaming has always been competitive, with leader boards and competitions. But now, the very best players are becoming superstars in their own right. Some of the most popular games have enormous audiences on You Tube for match-ups between the top players. And now, one of the world’s best FIFA interactive football players, David Bytheway, has actually signed a contract with top German football club Wolfsburg, who believe that he will prove an asset to their brand due to his high profile. This really is the cross-section between virtual and real competition. And the possibilities are endless. Just imagine what it might mean for the future of internet casino. Already, poker players are stars. So why not baccarat or blackjack players too? Live gaming already exists in the online casino. It may only be a matter of time before the big winners are broadcast far and wide.

Access for all

One thing that you can bank on is that online gaming will become more popular. Quite simply, the internet is set to be used by more people. Google executive Eric Schmidt predicted in 2013 that within 5 years everybody in the world will have access to the internet. Already around 87% of Americans are online. And the world will be connected by so many more devices. Analysts believe that while in 2009 around one billion objects were connected, this figure will explode to more than 25 billion in 2020. What does all of this mean for online gaming? It simply means we can expect more of it and in increasingly varied formats. New games, more users and more devices will be the order of the day. All of which means, if you are an online gaming fan, you can expect plenty of excitement in the years and decades ahead.

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