These Gadgets Could Help You Realize Your Status As A Master Gamer

By this point, you’ve been gaming for more years than you can remember. Ever since you were old enough to understand what games were, you’ve gravitated towards the controller like it was made to fit in your hands. You love nothing more than getting lost in the intricacies and designs of a well-made game. Your consoles have been the one constant in your life, and you would love for nothing more than to do them proud with your playing abilities.

Sadly, irrelevant of how long you’ve spent playing, you’re nowhere near the accolade of ‘master gamer.’. You always come last when you play with friends. You weep with envy when you watch the professionals in the field. Still, you’re sure that your skills have already peaked. If you can’t go up against the best after more than twenty years of playing, what hope is there for you? At this stage, you’re happy to just play for the pure love of it. You’ve put any ideas of beating your mates well behind you, and you play for the escapism alone.

Except, the urge to become a master in this craft is still niggling away in your mind somewhere. You’ve wanted to make a go of this for so long that you can’t quite let go of the dream. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. We believe that it is possible for you to improve, even after all these years. And, we think that the following gadgets could well be the way to do it.

The magic of monitors

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There’s a chance that, even after all these years of gaming, you’ve never paid particular attention to your monitors. As long as you can see those winning graphics, you aren’t all that bothered, right? Though it may surprise you to hear, this attitude alone could be holding you back in your gaming journey. If you ask any gamer about the gear they’d never do without, most will state the need for the best monitor you can find. The more detailed and clear your gaming picture, after all, the more precise your play will be. And, the more accurate you are, the better you can become. Some gamers are even now going as far as using upwards of three monitors at a time. This is fantastic for increasing your virtual field-of-view. That’s excellent news in shooter games. The more vision you have, the less chance you have of falling foul to enemies. Games like Supreme Commander have even been designed with monitor setups like these in mind. This game and some others allow you to set up one monitor for tactics, and another for a strategic view. If that doesn’t make you a better gamer, we don’t know what will. So, it’s past time you started looking for monitors which better serve your needs. As can be seen from resources like 10Mango’s article about the best monitors out there, there is a whole load of options to choose from. To make your life easier, focus on things like HDMI capabilities, and picture quality. There are also plenty of guides like this out there which could help you take your pick. Who knows; you could be a master gamer within months of splashing out on something like this.

Ready, set, head

As it stands, you probably close the door when you come to get down to gaming. It provides privacy but still ensures your family members can speak to you if they need to. It also ensures you hear things like the door and the phone. If you’re honest, though, how many times have noises like these caused you to lose attention at crucial moments? How often have you lost half an hour’s worth of progress because your partner wants to know what you’re having for dinner? These things happen often. They’re the main reason why top gamers always invest in decent headsets. Options like these ensure that nothing can detract your attention from the game at hand. Headsets with attached microphones are also fantastic. They remove distortion and confusion when playing with other gamers. You could say, then, that additions like these make life easier in every way. Again, there are plenty of guides to help you decide on which options would be your best bet here. Top spots at the moment go to options like the Hyperx Cloud Alpha, and the Steelseries Arctis 7. Really, though, the model which would work best depends on the games you play most often. Some focus on sound quality, while others prioritize blocking outside sound. All you need to do is a little research. Then, you can shut the world out and immerse yourself in those games like never before.

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Gaming in the right key

If you do the most part of your gaming on the computer, it’s past time you invested in a gaming keyboard. Options like the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum are hot property in many gaming households, and it’s easy to see why. At the very least, gaming-specific options like these are designed with gamer comfort in mind. If the heels of your hands get sore after hours of play, there’s no way you can provide your best performance. That’s why you need keyboards like these. Some of these even complete with armrests to suit your comfort needs. Options like the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum even go all out with keys which are split into two sections. That ensures you can place your arms wherever you prefer. Many gamer keyboards also come with a little something called macros to make your life easier. These are customizable keys which you can dedicate to different functions and profiles for each game you play. That’s a magic method which could make you a faster and more efficient gamer than you ever have been before. And, with most gaming keyboards having at least one row of keys like these, it’s past time you caught up with this trend.

Take that reality virtual

Virtual gaming headsets like the Playstation VR and the Oculus Rift, look sure to change the face of gaming in coming years. Already, gamers are being able to utilize a whole new set of skills thanks to gadgets like these. And, you could benefit from doing the same. By creating a physical connection between you and your games, devices like these raise the stakes of gaming no end. They can help you to really get stuck into the virtual worlds you’ve longed to be a part of. And, if you’re right there in the thick of the action, you can bet you’ll be a better gamer as a result. Your reactions will need to be faster than they have been until now. You’ll be able to hone your gaming skills and make sure you focus on every little detail. That, in turn, can spill into even your standard gameplay. While tech like this isn’t 100% accurate yet, getting in on this early could be your best chance of beating the crowd. If you spend enough time practicing, you could become one of the first VR masters going.

A final word

So, there you have it. A quick gadget guide to becoming the gamer you’ve always longed to be. Options like these can get pricey if you aren’t careful, but many would argue that they’re worth it. If you’re worried, do your research. There are cheap alternatives to everything we’ve mentioned here. They could serve you just as well on your gaming journey.

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