Employee Monitoring: The Paranoia Explained

Although people in general hold privacy sacred, it is becoming increasingly hard to continue respecting this basic right in a day and age when internet and web-connected devices like iPhones have grown so prevalent. This is particularly true of employers frequently find themselves facing a dilemma over deploying employee monitoring solutions like the one available at www.mobistealth.com to discourage employees from abusing digital privileges on one end, and respecting the right of employees to privacy on the other. The latter sure appears to be a noble option, but is it the right one? Certainly not.

It’s high time employers pull themselves out of the confusion regarding employee monitoring and start doing what’s best for business without hesitating. They shouldn’t let the privacy card create doubts in their mind because as harsh as it may sound, employees cannot be trusted with unsupervised digital privileges. The resistance put up by employees against having their internet and smartphone activities monitored is itself a huge hint that something is amiss. Employers should see the paranoia of employees as an indication that the latter are up to something that they don’t wanted discovered by the higher-ups. These paranoid employees opposing employee monitoring normally belong to either of the three groups.


The Slippery Group

This group of employees are typically smart, or rather cunning. Instead of focusing on work, they take the liberty to spend a major chunk of their time on texting, calls, streaming videos, surfing the web, etc. Doing all this on smartphones attracts less attention and also makes it easier for them to evade the watchful eyes of their employers or managers. As a result, they are able to continue this behavior without getting reprimanded or punished. Of course, staying under the radar would no longer be an option once employee monitoring is introduced in the workplace, which is why they oppose it using right to privacy as an excuse.

The Shady Group

This is a parasitic group that seemingly renders services to the business, but is in fact secretly involved in other activities that are at odds with the interests of the employer, as well as the business in general. Such employees could either be leaking sensitive business data a third party, perhaps a competitor or maybe some blackmarket for instance, through messaging or emails, or they could be secretly working two jobs at the same time simultaneously rather than doing the second job after getting off the first one. Such employees think little of loyalty and integrity, and only care about making money. Employee monitoring solutions prevents them from stabbing the employee and business in the back without getting caught, which is why they put up the strongest resistance against their deployment in the workplace.

The Insecure Group

This is a rather innocent group that is gripped by paranoia despite having nothing to hide or fear. These employees come to work on time, perform their tasks with utmost dedication, and are careful not to break any policies or rules. Yet every time the boss is nearby or calls them, they become nervous assuming that they’ve done something wrong. Since employee monitoring empowers employers to keep an eye on the digital activities of the workforce round the clock, these employees put up a strong resistance so as to make their time in the workplace less stressful.

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