Creating Amazing Animation Without Any Coding Skills

Image by Денис Марчук from Pixabay

Welcome! You already know what animations are, and that the creation of any animation is mostly done by skilled designers but did you also know that there are now several platforms for people to create amazing animations without even the slightest coding skills?

Animated SVG files have become popular because they are vectors, small and entirely code-based. They can, thus, be tweaked and transformed into a huge number of ways to suit the user’s need. Doing this is great, but users have one major problem- the time and effort needed to learn how to create these animations. The answer to this problem? SVG animation.

SVG animation creator is an easy-to-use web-based app that allows users to create amazing animations, quickly. The highlight of this is that users don’t need to possess any coding skills as they won’t have any reason to input any type of code. An SVG animation creator is a ready-to-use software that comes packed with embedded codes to enable users to manipulate the vectors as they want. Thus, beginners can simply avoid the long learning process and turn their ideas into high-quality and resolution-independent animations. Simply import, animate and export your SVG files. 

How to use SVGator

First, you have to visit the SVGator website and create an account. Click on “Animate now” then on “Create account” and the rest is easy. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be directed automatically to a project named the “stopwatch project” which allows you to navigate the features of the app. The navigation is easy and you can find your way around. However, if you still find it a tad difficult, there’s a tutorial section where you can see practical videos to learn from. The tutorial helps you understand how to import files, add elements, add animators and frames and animate the SVG.

Once you know your way around, there are a few things you can check out. 

  • Animators: SVGator comes with five basic animators: Position, Rotate, Opacity, Scale and Path. You can simply add them to the timeline, set values for keyframes and the animation is ready to be reviewed.
  • Data visualization: You can view data in the code manager as you manipulate the SVG. All you need to do is to add more keyframes and animators to the timeline.
  • Shortcuts: All the key combinations that you are used to applying in other tools are also available in SVGator. This will allow you to create stunning animations faster and save time.
  • Export a single SVG file with clean CSS code: This makes it really easy to add the SVG to your website. You can read more about how to do this on their help center.
  • My projects: You can easily access your projects from anywhere, anytime. Once you are done working on your animation and you’ve exported the file, please also make sure that you’ve hit the Save button.
  • Preview: This feature allows you to preview your animation before exporting. The inbuilt browser can be used to view how the animation appears.

SVGator comes with different payment plans that allow you to choose as it suits you. The prices won’t leave a hole in your pocket. So, if you’re a developer or designer interested in creating SVG animations, you can begin your journey here.

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