How a Virtual Room Planners Can Help with Your Home Remodel

Sometimes a home or a room just needs a refresh. Things can feel stale, or out of date, leaving homeowners feeling like they need to switch things up. After living in the same house for several years, many people feel like they need to buy a bigger place, get into a better school district, or finally get that brick colonial. That, however, is an expensive scratch for what begins as a small itch. Buying an entirely new house because someone is bored of the look and feel where they live is more common than most think, especially for folks accustomed to moving every so often. It doesn’t’ have to be that way, though. Remodeling is the perfect option for homeowners looking to update things to make their homes more stylish or functional. It costs a lot less than a new house, too.

What most people do as they start to toy with the idea of a remodel, is look through interior design magazines for looks they like. It might be modern, classical, or minimalist. Different aesthetics will appeal to a variety of people based on their tastes, family size, location and a countless number of other factors. Next, maybe, they’ll start to visit several national retailers to see what’s out there and generally what it will cost. A lot of the time what they had in mind for a finished project doesn’t line up with the budget once they see how much a new bed or sofa set costs. Things can look so nice of the showroom floor, but it’s hard to decide because visualizing in their own space is challenging. They don’t dare inquire about a designer, because that belongs to the reality of the rich and famous.

Interior design may have been solely for the elite decades ago, but technology has brought quality design to the masses. These days, so many interior designers use virtual design technology to work different looks and pieces into a program that mimics a home’s dimensions. Clients can see what their kitchen, bedroom, or basement will look like after the remodel before one nail gets pulled. Virtual room planners are at the forefront of the interior design revolution that makes professional remodels an option for everyone. Here are some ways virtual room planners can help with your home remodel.

Virtual Room Planning is Fast

Virtual room planners are wonderful for those that are looking to get remodels done fast. It’s really the most efficient use of time. There are no repeated site visits from the designer or fitting in meetings with them in between other clients. Almost all communication with the designer is done electronically. Sure, there may be some phone calls to clarify some points or for them to get a better feel for your personality, but most of the back and forth is done over email or in a virtual design portal. Clients can often upload or select furniture, paint color, and accents pieces they like. It’s a virtual mood board that designers can use to make the rooms being redone look fantastic.

There are also no trial periods with looks. You don’t have to try out a couch or rug to see how you’ll like it. Clients can see design choices instantaneously in the design software and work with the designer on adjustments before final purchasing is done. No building or painting gets done until things are agreed upon. It’s the most efficient home remodel process possible because there are no pauses due to designer-client miscommunication. Clients can see exactly what’s going to be changed and will be certain they love the look before a hammer is ever swung.

Virtual Design is the Best Way to Manage Remodel Cost

The home remodels industry is filled with stories from clients about how they went over budget and spent too much. They might still love the way things turned out, but it’s common that people wish they could have done things on a tighter budget. Homes already represent such a significant investment of time and money. It’s important that homeowners keep things in perspective when remodeling so they maximize any further investment. Spending top dollar on a luxury kitchen in a middle-class home is never smart. The remodel should accomplish the clients’ goals while still honoring the aesthetic of the house and neighborhood.

It’s a lot easier for homeowners to control costs by using virtual design. They can better set and adhere to budgets with their designer. Some people have a hard time saying no to a passionate designer when they come in the house and tell their client that they’ve found the most wonderful arm chair that will complete their home. Likewise, it can be hard to keep a lid on costs if the remodel and design are done in stages. When you’re already halfway through and a designer says it will cost another few thousand, what are you supposed to do, call the whole thing off? Virtual design enables homeowners to make every decision with the budget in mind. They’ll be able to see how the feel of the room will change if they opt for the more affordable dining room table versus the designer one. The give and take are real because they can see how spending decisions will affect the look before a dollar is spent.

Homeowners Get Access to Top Designers

Virtual design tools have made it so the best designers can take on more clients. They can work better with remote clients because everything is done over the internet and require less face to face meetings and site visits. This means more people get access to quality designers than before. Homeowners don’t have to wait months and months for an appointment. Once they sign a contract, designers set up mood boards and both parties can get to work. It’s a great development for everyone. A homeowner in Colorado who’s fallen in love with a Swedish designer can work with them on virtual design half a world away. People aren’t stuck looking for designers proficient in their style in only their local area. The virtual design has made the world flat and brought world-class designers to more people than ever.

Virtual design is only going to keep improving. As technology companies improve new tech like augmented reality, where virtual items can be overlaid on actual structures, it opens more interior design possibilities. Designer remodels are no longer the realm of the elite wealthy. They’re for everyone who’s struggled to find a look for her or his home. With the virtual design, every homeowner can create a unique style on a budget that they’ll be happy living with for years.


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