Nike Launched A Holographic 3D Advertising Campaign

The Nike Free HOLOCUBE

Nike Free
Nike was always an innovator, in advertisement as well as in sportswear. Recently the company launched a campaign for a super flexible athletic sneakers by using 3-D holographic ad displayed on special street signs in Amsterdam.
We might think that we have already seen everything there is to see when it comes to sophisticated advertisements, but apparently there is always something new around the corner. This time it’s a new 3D holographic technology known as HOLOCUBE.
The HOLOCUBE is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that makes a virtual model of any product look almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The HOLOCUBE is capable of displaying 1080i resolution videos which can be viewed through a window which gives a dramatic 3D effect (see videos below). The HOLOCUBE is equipped with a dedicated 40GB hard disk drive, capable of storing up to 18 hours of compressed video at a bit rate of 4 Mb/s or 8 hours of compressed video at 9 Mb/s.
For the current campaign, Nike collaborated with media agencies Mindshare, Kinetic, and JCDecaux in order to create a holographic outdoor billboard in Amsterdam based on the HOLOCUBE which shows its latest Nike Free series of flexible sport’s shoes.
The HOLOCUBE is actually not a new product (although still far from common). It was revealed about 5 years ago and was demonstrated on numerous exhibitions and shows but the Nike campaign is probably the first (relatively) large scale use of the product so far, although we can definitely see more uses for such a technology in the future.
The HOLOCUBE was designed primarily for advertisement and is far from cheap. A tiny 10 inch version cost about 10,000 dollars and the company is selling larger versions (including a giant 70 inch for an undisclosed price).

More information on the HOLOCUBE can be found on the following website (as well as several other video demonstrations).
TFOT covered many advanced 3D and holographic display technologies including Intel’s 3D virtual world demonstrated during CES 2009, Heliodisplay Floating Screen, which displays an image that hovers above a seemingly ordinary table and “Mark” holographic technology developed by MIT researchers. Other advanced display technologies we covered include the Perspecta Spatial 3-D System, IO2 Technology’s Heliodisplay Floating Display and the 360-Degree Holographic Display from the University of Southern California.

A video showing the corrent HOLOCUBE bord with the Nike campaign

A video showing the HOLOCUBE HC70 demonstrated 2 years ago

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