PAN in a Standard Smart Cotton T-Shirt

The Idaho based Company SCOTTEVEST recently released its “SeV” cotton t-shirt. On the surface, this shirt resembles a normal, thin cotton t-shirt. Hidden inside are three pockets; a zippered pocket on the chest and two pockets along the side seams of the shirt. The shirt also includes what SCOTTEVEST calls its Personal Area Network or PAN system, a series of conduits inside the shirt for invisible and easy connection of wires and headphones.
The cotton t-shirt joins a variety of other SCOTTEVEST clothing products catering to the wired generation. The t-shirt, like many other products in this line, includes pocket placement and a special shoulder construction designed to distribute weight without pulling on the neck or stretching the material in any way. The shirt also minimizes visible bulges by using freely hanging pockets. Pocket placement is also carefully chosen for concealment while still allowing easy access to gadgets.
The zippered pocket on the chest of the SeV cotton shirt is ideal for an iPod or other MP3 players. According to SCOTTEVEST, you can even access an iPod’s controls through the shirt while it’s in the pocket. The PAN system also feeds earbuds from an iPod in the chest pocket through the shirt to a set of holes in the neckline of the shirt. A set of collar loops just below these holes hold the earbuds in place as they’re fed through the holes to your ears.
The side seam pockets can hold cell phones, PDAs, handheld GPS systems, keys, wallets, and other small gear, electronic or otherwise. The pockets zip but are also designed to keep their contents in place even if you forget to zip them up, except under the most strenuous of motions.
The SeV cotton t-shirt is made with 100% soft pre-washed cotton and is fully machine washable (obviously, you’ll want to remove any electronic devices and accessories first). The short sleeve t-shirt is available in black, olive green, and white, in sizes from small to XX-Large and retails for $25 directly from SCOTTEVEST. Similar shirts are also available in short and long sleeve versions with a breathable, wickable fabric (called the Performance T-Shirt). SCOTTEVEST also sells a wide variety of other shirts, jackets, vests, and pants with hidden pockets and PAN systems.
TFOT has reported on a variety of other wearable technology products including the A Step in the Right Direction sneakers capable of detecting nearby Wi-Fi hotspots as the wearer walks around, the Nike+ Sportband which monitors the athletic activity and health of wearers as they exercise or participate in sports, the Momenta memory necklace which monitors the heart rate of the wearer and captures video of events that excite the user, and self-charging cloth capable of charging the wearer’s electronic devices with power generated by the user’s movements.
You can find more information on the SeV cotton t-shirt page on the SCOTTEVEST product page here. A video of SCOTTEVEST founder Scott Jordan talking about the design of the very similar Performance T-Shirt is available by clicking on the video demo button near the top of the SeV product page.

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