Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

Most animated T-shirts currently on the market are not very useful. However, this new Wi-Fi Detector shirt is an exception, helping you detect the all-important hotspots while you walk along the street. If it will ever spread beyond the geek community, this T-shirt may provide you with the perfect excuse to stare at women’s breasts without exposing yourself to a sexual harassment lawsuit.

With an almost exponential growth in the number of hotspots around the world, the need for quick, simple, and cheap Wi-Fi detectors is clear. These small devices, ranging in size from a key chain to a small cell phone can detect the 2.4Ghz signal from a Wi-Fi source and alert the user to its presence and the signal’s strength. Some Wi-Fi detectors, like this WiFi Seeker from PCTEL, are directional. This means they let you know which direction the signal is coming from, helping you detect the hotspot faster. Other devices, such as the ACW20US WiFi Scanner from Targus, can identify multiple access points and inform you what their status is (secure / unsecured), an important function when looking for open access points.

It is essential to consider the potential vulnerability of wifi devices as they ca be detected and targeted by malicious actors. This is where privileged access management can successfully mitigate cyber attacks. Another effective method of protecting the wifi device is using password vaults – generated passwords with a high level of complexity.

A DIY attempt to create a Wi-Fi detector embedded into a backpack strap was recently reported by “Make” Magazine. Although the concept seems more practical than the Wi-Fi detector shirt, it will be hard to call it fashionable. The Wi-Fi Detector T-shirt, however, is more appealing (if you are into that sort of geeky look). Still, we can’t help wondering how silly you will look, walking around staring at your shirt all day.

The Wi-Fi Detector shirt dynamically displays the current Wi-Fi signal strength of either 802.11b or 802.11g network. The shirt is made of 100% cotton and the small display unit and 3 AAA-battery connector can be easily removed before laundry.

The Wi-Fi Detector shirt should last for many hours, according to the ThinkGeek store, which will begin selling it starting late-October 2007 for around $30.

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