New Technology Improves Radar Detectors


Radar detectors have been around for several decades. Over most of that period, these devices have needed modest improvements to get their job done; but that is changing. Modern users demand more of their detectors than ever before.

Manufacturers have risen to the occasion and worked to improve the quality of their products using new technology. As a matter of fact, the best radar detectors are not here yet, if new technological innovations in this sector are anything to go by. New technology is breaking new ground; and here are some of these innovations.

GPS Technology

There is a new breed of detectors that relies on the latest in global positioning technology. The outcome is greater detection accuracy. For this reason, these devices are also better at avoiding false alarms. The use of GPS technology has also helped resolve the problem of red light cameras, which has plagued detectors based on other forms of detection technology.

Shielding Technology

The use of detectors is largely a cat and mouse game where the users are facing the threat of being identified using radar detector detection technology. Therefore, one of the most exciting technological advancements in the field is allowing users to shield themselves from detection.

This technology creates an invisibility cloak around the detector; a feature that is proving to be a must-have among users using detectors in jurisdictions where the technology is frowned upon. Quite simply, the use of shielding technology is introducing the next generation of detectors.

Multi-Directional Radar Detection Technology

New technology is also giving users an edge by helping them detect targets from any direction. There are gadgets today that can identify targets ahead of them as well as those behind them. The trick lies in having two detectors in the same device.

This innovative tweak should come in handy for users who want nothing the best radar detector on the market. These devices can not only identify any speed traps ahead, but also handle threats that roving cops pose. Some detectors have gone as far as offering a 360-degree detection coverage. The Escort Max 360 is a perfect example. It can even tell the user in what direction the threat is located.

Technology-Assisted Detection Range and Sensitivity

Some detectors are leveraging new technology to improve their range and sensitivity. At the moment, there are detectors that can detect radars from about to 15 miles away. But truth be told, these detection capabilities are largely the product of the landscape conditions under which the detector is being used.

Smartphone Technology also Improving Detection Quality

The use of smartphone technology has also entered into the world of radar detection. For instance, the premium radar detector, Escort iX, comes with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to link it to smartphone for an enhanced use experience.

Smart Radar Detection Technology

New technology has also given users the benefit of smart radar detectors. Basically, these devices use modern technology to reduce the amount of guesswork often encountered when using regular detectors. They achieve this by having within them a database mapping all the traffic cameras in the country. These devices usually work in conjunction with smart mobile devices like smartphones.

Information Sharing Technology

The is also a technology that lets users leverage the information other radar detector users are getting. For instance, with some Escort brand of detectors, you can see if there are any threats around you based on what another Escort user has encountered. This technology works by sending a signal to the company’s headquarters, and then the information is relayed to other Escort detector users in the vicinity of the identified threat.

Touch Screen Technology

Besides the move towards the use of smartphone technology, the detectors are also coming with high quality touch screens for more interactivity. Besides telling you that a threat is close by, these detector displays will often display other important information such as the time the alert was made and the speed you were driving at the time.

Digital False Alarm Filters

Other new-age technologies improving the performance of detectors include false alarm filtering. This innovation is based on the use digital technology to get rid of any false alarms. This technology should be a relief for users who have had detectors that will annoyingly go off at the slightest provocation.

Adjustable Sensitivity

Some detectors will even let users adjust their sensitivity settings so that they don’t create alerts based on irrelevant signals from things like automatic doors. There are radar detectors that will even provide the convenience of not generating any signals when the driver is within the speed limit and hence not under any threat of getting a speed ticket.

To Sum Up

All in all, improvements in radar detection are riding on new technologies. Therefore, generally speaking, the best radar detector is a modern detection gadget equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

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