How to Use Digital Signage in Real Estate

Real estate businesses are already using digital signs in their shop windows. It has become part of
the selling process. In many places, it has replaced the usual posters in the window. Instead, there
are a series of digital signs that show the house off, its price, its features, its rooms and so forth.
Digital signs are far more effective than simply having a picture of the house, a few details and a
price. People walking by can get a sneak peak of the house and garden while looking through the
window, which sparks far more interest than simply seeing the outside of the house.

Signs In The Windows

Running and digital sign in a prominent window is not as silly as it sounds, especially if you run it
on a timer that turns off the TV when it gets dark. It may have seemed silly in the past because you
are advertising that a house is empty and that it has a TV in it. However, these days a digital sign is
so low cost that people don’t bother risking prison for the sake of stealing one. Secondly, all
criminals know that empty houses for sale are empty. A digital sign is no indication that the house
is robbable. If anything, it may convince potential robbers that the place is being checked up on
When potential buyers look around the house but can’t get in, the sign can give them the sorts of
details that simple wooden signs can’t. In addition and most importantly, the sign catches the eyes
of potential buyers as they walk and drive by. You may think that this is a very small group of
people but think about how many houses for sale you pass by when you are going to view a
different house. On the same street alone, you pass by house after house that is for sale and you
pay them very little mind. You will pay them more mind when there is a digital sign in the window
that is flashing up images of the different rooms in the house along with other important details.

Really Push a House’s Selling Points

There are plenty of times when a house looks small from the outside, but is lovely and big inside,
or times when the house doesn’t look special outside but has a fantastic bathroom or garden. Yet,
all the selling on these points has to be done by the estate agent. Whereas when you have digital
signs in your window or in the window of the house or on the walls outside your building, you can
show off these special selling points. You can show how the attic has been converted, or how the
bedrooms have a fantastic view. You can really sell some of the house’s selling points in your shop
window rather than having to convince people to visit a place.

Easily Cook Up Some Content

Perhaps the second biggest selling point for digital signs is how easy it is to create content for your
signs. You can use the Kitcast content creation to build simple signs or to indulge in some very
fancy adverts for your houses and properties.
On a similar note, you can do a lot of branding with your digital signs. People are used to the sorts
of YouTube adverts we see all the time. You can bring similar types of adverts in the real world.
Again, you can use them in houses, in your premises, around your premises, and even at
roadshows or events. As with all types of advertising, you can test and try new things by doing it
all yourself. Rather than spending thousands on a marketing company to do the work for you, you

can create your own video adverts, test them out, and keep changing and adjusting them until
they are as effective as you can make them.

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