Advancing Your Career Through Your Digital Skills

Madonna might have sung that we were living in ‘a material world’ in the 80s, but it’s very clear that today’s world is a digital one.

Digital is entering our lives more and more, transforming the way we do things as well as how we see the world, which makes for an exciting and dynamic industry to have a career in. A career in digital offers many possibilities, allowing you to progress down many paths and enjoy a long and successful career.

Where could your skills lead you? Read more about some of the ways you can advance your digital career below.

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Push for a promotion

In many businesses, digital is still in its infancy. Many companies are only now beginning to realize the impact of digital, which provides you with some excellent opportunities for growth. Demonstrate your worth and value, and any measurable data you can share about what you do to help you state your case. Asking your boss for promotion is one of those intimidating things that can make you want to drop the idea altogether, but if you’ve got the goods to back it up then go for it – what have you got to lose? If your boss isn’t receptive, it might be time to consider a move to a company that is more appreciative of your skills.

Start a side hustle

Being a digital expert lends you to some great side hustle ideas. Starting a side hustle is a hot topic, and could be a fun way for you to pursue your interest in digital outside of your regular job. Side hustles can be a way to boost your income (especially if you’re starting off in a more entry-level digital role), as well as be a way to introduce you to some new contacts and enjoy doing something you’re passionate about.

Work in a different industry

Your digital expertise can take you to more places than just the tech or creative industries. Big businesses like financial organizations, institutions like the Government, education, and health are all seeing the value in digital and are crying out for experts who can show them the way. Taking your skills to another industry can help you become more innovative and offer value to companies and organizations that could benefit a lot from digital marketing and other areas of digital. See what’s out there and use your skills to work your way up a different career path than you might have expected.


The younger generation, and those that will come after it is being born into a digital age. Teaching areas of digital can be a worthwhile career choice that can help inspire the next generation of digital innovators. When you’re enthusiastic and passionate about something, that will transfer to the people you’re teaching, so if you love digital, consider taking the time to teach.

Remember that it’s not just young people who’ll benefit from a digital education – older people will too. Being able to keep up in a tech-heavy world is important for many people to be able to keep their jobs and stay informed, and teaching older people digital skills can provide many benefits. If you don’t want to commit to teaching full-time, why not volunteer to help teach digital skills for older adults at your local library or community center?

Start your own company

If you’re done with working for someone else and want to take on a real challenge, why not start your own company? Whether you decide to start your own digital agency or use your skills to sell a hot new product or business idea, starting up on your own can really push your digital skills and help you enjoy a successful career.

Starting your own company isn’t easy, and you should be prepared for a lot of hard work and not so much profit in those early days. If you’ve got ideas but no clue how to run a business, then take a look at online BBA programs that could equip you with new skills and knowledge in as little as six weeks! Plan your business out carefully before making any big decisions – but if you’re passionate about an idea and have a desire to succeed then go for it!

Start a blog

A blog around all things digital could be an exciting way for you to show off your passion about digital – who knows where it might lead? A blog can be a wonderful creative outlet, but it can also be a fantastic money-maker. Take a look at what you need to do to start a blog and take it from there. Having a blog can actually be a useful tool when it comes to applying for jobs or showing off your experience to clients, so it’s worth doing to get your voice out there into the world.

After launching your digital blog, you could take things a step further through YouTube and other social media platforms, building an audience of people who will love to engage with your content.

Do some good

There is a lot that can be done through digital to make a difference in the world. From helping charities and volunteers to set up their web presence to volunteering your time to teach others skills such as making engaging video can bring a lot of value to someone’s life, and help you to learn from it too. Many companies and organizations such as schools can’t afford to hire a digital expert, but a small amount of your time could help them learn some great things.

Working in digital can be fast-paced, exciting, engaging and so much more, leading you to some incredible places. If you want to take your career in digital far, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a lot of options at your feet right now. Whether you choose to climb the ladder or even start your own venture, it’s important that you don’t let your digital expertise go to waste.

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