What Not To Do On Digital Signs

New to digital signs? If you want to run a successful campaign then there are a few things you should avoid doing. It’s possible to produce an engaging, informative and eye catching advert if you follow a few simple rules. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing if you want your digital sign to be a success.

Have a weak call to action

There is no point investing in a digital sign if you are not communicating your most important message. What do you want people to do? You won’t get any new customers if you don’t include a call to action. You need to clearly state what you want people to do. If your goal is to make people remember a message then make sure it stands out on your sign.

A lack of contrast

The colours and design needs to show a contrast so that the most important parts of your sign stand out. According to the University Of Michigan “Always make sure text colours have a high contrast”. If the colours that you use are very similar everything will merge together and your message won’t be very clear. Choose a background colour that will emphasise your main text.

Text that isn’t legible

Perhaps the most important thing you should focus on when creating a digital sign is making sure your text is legible. If people can’t read your advert clearly then your digital sign has failed. You only have a moment to catch people’s attention, don’t waste your chance with text that is impossible to read. People will get frustrated and won’t bother to read your sign. Use clear text that is easy to read at most people’s eye level.

Have too much text

Too much text overcomplicates things. According To Digital Signage Manufacturers AllSee Tech “No one is going to read a sign with a large amount of text. You need a short, sharp message that gets straight to the point.” Check through your text and cut out any unnecessary words. Can you make it any shorter whilst still getting your message across? Set yourself a word limit and stick to it.

Use really small text

Don’t use really small text in an effort to fit everything in. If you do this you will sacrifice the overall legibility of your sign. It’s important to check that the text you use is large enough. Small text will be challenging to read. Think about where exactly your sign will be placed including what sort of distance the sign will be from potential customers. Adjust the size of your text so that it is still big enough to read from a distance.

Use lots of different fonts

Avoid using a variety of different fonts, especially if you are going for more unusual fonts. Fancy fonts don’t tend to work particularly well on digital signs. It’s also best to stick with no more than two main fonts. Any more than that and your text won’t be very clear and the font will take too much effort to read. Your advert and key information will get lost in an over complicated design.

Forget to test your signs

Never forget to test your digital signs or assume that you don’t need to. Testing them is the only way you can know whether they are effective. If you don’t test them and then you realise they need changes, it might be too late.

Use bland copy

The words you use in your advert are just as important as the overall design. Don’t be lazy with the copy and use uninspiring language. It’s definitely worth spending time on the copy and making sure it is interesting, easy to read and engaging. Use words that will make an impact on your audience.

Use poor quality graphics

Digital signs need high quality graphics in order to be successful. Poor graphics look awful and will distract people from your key message. It’s worth investing in high quality digital signs to get the most for your money. A signs ability to attract attention mainly depends on the quality of the graphics that are used.

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