3 Tips For Keeping Up With Friends That Move Abroad

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Life takes us all in many different directions, and connects us with so many people it can make your head spin. Now, with online social media apps, we can even keep up the veil of connection for years after we have nothing to do with certain people anymore.

However, it can sometimes be the case that relationships are so important and truly special to us, despite the shifting tides of our experience and the goals that may bring us further apart, it is possible to maintain some level of vestigial contact in order to keep that friendship flame alive.

If your friend moves abroad, it can be easy to lament their moving on for some time, but the truth is that supporting them in their new activities is a healthy and necessary objective to hold. Keeping up with friends that move abroad will require some diligence on your part, but there are methods by which this mutual contact can continue should you wish to consider it.

With that in mind, let’s consider some of the following advice:

Letters In Kind

Instead of messaging your friend continually on social media, sending across letter and some photographs of your family in envelopes of the years can be a nice touch. Here they can respond at their own leisure, add some more substance to the conversation, and make sure they feel that the relationship is being cared for despite living a new life. It’s a shame that the art of letter writing is becoming less prevalent, because it truly can mean plenty to receive one in the best possible sense. This can also help you get out all of your thoughts and well wishes in the best possible manner.

Event Notifiers

It can be nice to keep the open possibility of talking alive by sending Christmas, Birthday and other event cards in order to wish your friend well. When you both send one another these family gifts and friendly messages, you’re more likely to remember one another, and it can make the experience of goodwill something you both partake in. It’s so simple and easy to do, but it can help even relationships that have been slowly dulled by distance retain their essential worth.

In-Person Visits Where Appropriate

It can be nice to head to, or to invite our friend to, events that matter to both of us. For instance, traveling miles might be worthwhile if they’ve invited you to their wedding in that country and you want to support them. Sending them an invitation for a similar event of import is also worthwhile. Making it an occasion, something that ensures both of you feel connected in the best way. This can help you ensure your bond is aided in the best possible sense, because it’s not the quantity of time spent that defines the worth of relationships, but the quality therein.

With this advice, you’re sure to keep up with friends that move abroad in the best possible sense.

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