DesignCap, Free Online Graphic Design Editor

In this era of eye-catching images, it is very important to create eye-catching graphics. Whether you are a publisher, a web celebrity, a content creator, or an employee, you can use this online graphic design tool introduced today.

DesignCap is the tool that we will introduce in this post. It is a versatile graphic design platform that provides the tools to create various graphics for different purposes.

The built-in advanced templates allow you to make FB covers, post-IGs, catchy YouTube channel covers, and even infographics, presentations, reports, business cards, posters, advertisements, and graphics, etc. You can quickly produce your work applying and customizing templates.

DesignCap models

You can choose from the following themes: PPT templates, Facebook covers and ads, Instagram graphics, YouTube covers, menus, business cards, reports, posters, infographics, brochures, invitation cards, email cover images, and many others.

After entering the website, it is recommended that you register a free account first, then you can start using it.

There are all types of models supported on the model’s page, from digital to graphic design. It is quite costly. Choose the category you want to start.

The first is PPT, which is commonly used by employees or students. DesignCap offers many professional PPT templates that allow you to apply it with one click, even if you only want to use some of the images.

After choosing a model you like, you can enter edit mode by clicking on it. You can easily change the text or the background without getting tired of composing.


If you want to surprise your friends and family on holidays or special occasions, you can also use the card templates to create one card for the other! Different types of practical papers are available. You can change the text, color, or background at will. Compared to buying a card in a bookstore, if you make one yourself, the other party will surely think that you are super thoughtful.

After doing so, click Download to save the listing. You can choose to save it as a PNG, JPG, or PDF and then print it.


If you want to design a menu yourself, but there is no clue, DesignCap also has several integrated models to choose from, you have to change the item and the price.

Business card

Do you want to design your business card? No problem, choose a design you like after entering the business card category. You can upload a personal image or logo that is very convenient and can be completed in minutes.

Banners and covers for social media

The great thing about DesignCap is that it provides many templates that creators or content editors will need, such as YouTube channel covers, Facebook advertisements or covers, Twitter covers, and various social media templates.

Even if you are a beginner in graphic design, you can apply and produce beautiful covers and banners for their social media channels.

Instagram Post

The social platform preferred by young Instagram is full of images shared every day by users all over the world. If you want to make your posts more critical, you can go to the Instagram Posts category to quickly complete a design that attracts others’ eyes.

To sum up

DesignCap is a very convenient and practical online design website. Whether you want to share your life with images or are an editor, influencer, and content creator, you can try this free design tool to publish fantastic posts!

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