4 Reasons to Outsource Your Software Development Needs

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Sooner or later, your business is going to need a website. Most business owners decide to get a website as soon as they open their doors. It is virtually impossible to grow your brand without one of these days.

Things get even more complicated when they need software experts. The question they end up asking themselves isn’t whether or not they need a software developer. It is whether they should hire an experienced software engineer or do the job themselves.

You might be tempted to try developing your own software. When you first think about it, it seems like you could save a lot of money that way. However, unless you have a knack for software engineering, then you should generally leave it to a professional. Here are some reasons that you should outsource instead of doing your website yourself.

It will actually probably be a lot cheaper

If you’re only looking at your basic cash flow, then it seems cheaper to develop software yourself instead of paying an expert to do it. However, there is an opportunity cost of taking this approach.

It is going to take you a lot longer to develop high-quality software on your own. You might spend 50 hours to build an application that a company like software agency 7ninjas could’ve done in only five.

The cost of paying a web developer $500 to develop software pales in comparison to the cost of spending 50 hours on it yourself. Your time is going to be worth a lot more than $10 an hour, so hire an expert instead.

Your site will look a lot more professional

In the 1990s, it wasn’t a big deal if a company decided to develop software themselves. People didn’t have high expectations and even professional developers were still awkwardly struggling to learn their craft.

The bar has risen significantly in recent years. You’re going to have a much harder time creating a professional looking application on your own. It is best to hire an expert that makes it look right.

You’ll be more compliant with the GDPR and other policies

You will need to navigate a lot of different regulations when you publish any application. European GDPR is one of them. Amateur developers have little understanding of these practices and policies. You are going to be much better off hiring an expert instead. They will have the right plugins and tools to ensure compliance.

Your website will be much easier to maintain

When you first develop your application, you are probably thinking mostly about its initial functionality. However, there are going to be long-term logistical things to keep in mind as well. You’re going to need to add new content and make tweaks to your site as it grows.

Amateur developers don’t usually know how to do this very well. When you hire a professional, they will use a reliable content management system that is going to be easier for long-term maintenance. They will help you find the right CMS based on the purpose of your business, web application and website functionality.

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