Gizmos And Apps That Have Changed The Way People Travel

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Our technologically advanced world is now a place where the latest smartphone models and video game consoles make it onto every kids’ Christmas list. Technology is changing the way that we are doing absolutely everything. It has also created a world where we are all far more connected than we have ever been.

This even applies to the way in which people are traveling and the things that they are making sure to include in their suitcases and the apps they download on their phone. There are a ton of gizmos and apps that are making traveling, whether it is on a road trip or across the world, a lot easier.

Here are some gizmos and apps that people are making sure to utilize on their trips.


The Usuals- Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, iWatches, etc.

These gizmos have become standard parts of a must-pack list. People always make sure that they have their cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. and all of their corresponding chargers. Have you ever been in an airport with a 5-year-old without something for them to watch? It makes life a lot easier.

Portable Outlet Adapter- Skross World Travel Adapter

Anyone that has ever traveled internationally will tell you to make sure not to forget an outlet adapter. Outlets are different all over the world. They should have a universal stand outlet, but they don’t. There are portable adapters that you are able to bring with you that will allow you to use outlets no matter where you go. They come in really handy.

High Tech Water Bottle- Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle

This is one of those gizmos that are handy to have even when you aren’t traveling. This is a water bottle that is linked up with an app that will let you know how much water you should be drinking. It will also remind you to drink more as well. It is amazing that human ingenuity has even made its’ way into reusable water bottles. People are so creative.

Portable Bug Detector

There are quite a few different ones out there on the market and you will be able to find a great guide to bug detectors to find the one that is right for you (that is why there is not a specific one listed above). This might seem crazy, but this can make you feel a lot safer in a strange hotel room or hostel in some far away corner of the world. These bug detectors can detect voice and video recorders. It sounds crazy, but it could really give you some serious peace of mind.

Awesome Carry-on- Barracuda Carry-on Suitcase

This is a carry-on size suitcase that is collapsible. It has a fold-out tray table so that you can use your laptop in an airport without having a comfortable place to put it. It also comes equipped with a digital scale so that you know how heavy it is (to make sure that you will be able to carry it on the plane). One of the best things is that it is able to charge your devices.

These are just a few awesome gizmos that you may want. If you decided to go out and do a little bit of research, you would find that there is a ton of stuff that you might love to have. After traveling with some of these things once or twice, you may find that they are really more of an investment than a gizmo.



How many times have you been stuck in the airport because your flight was delayed, canceled, or the flight was overbooked? It happens all the time and what most people don’t know is that it is likely that they can be compensated for it. This app makes this complicated process simple so that you can be reimbursed for the inconvenience. The app gets 25% or your payout but you can get a referral bonus for getting other passengers to sign up.


This is a place to keep all of your itinerary information including your flight, hotel, rental car, and other reservations. This is a way to have all of your itineraries in one place so that you aren’t scrolling through your spam-riddled email trying to find everything. Upgrading to the pro version adds some really great features like flight delays and alternative routes to take.

Trail Wallet

As much as would like to, we don’t have unlimited funds to do whatever we want. There is always a budget that people have to stay within, and Trail Wallet will help you to keep track of your expenses on your trip. You can organize any and all expenses so that you know what you are spending so that you can stay within your established budget.

Technology is not only fun, but it is making things easier. Apps are one category within technology that is really a game changer. These have become so incredibly helpful because we are able to download them on our smartphones and have them right at our fingertips. There are so many great apps out there. Delete some of the music that you never listen to and get yourself some awesome apps that will make your trip so much easier and more fun.

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