Best Way to Travel Europe: Car Rental Schiphol Airport

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While you can find a lot of recommendations on the Internet regarding travel destinations, an article like this is rare. Most of the recommendations resolve around cities, hotels or sights to see. One other important is the mode of transport. There is a lot to find on the best airplane ticket, but a lot less on traveling at the destination. When it comes to Europe, there is a hidden ‘travel gem’ that is worth exploring: car rental Schiphol airport. You can use the rental options at the airport to kickstart your travels throughout Europe with ease. In this article we will elaborate why this is a preferred choice of transport.

Schiphol airport as the travel hub

There are several major travel hubs in Europe including London (Heathrow), Paris (Charles de Gaulle) and Frankfurt Airport. Another option is the airport of Amsterdam, Schiphol. The airport is offering attractive tariffs that are very competitive and often the cheapest to fly to Europe. Once you arrive, there are many great options too. For example, the public transport in The Netherlands is well-arranged. This means that you can hop off the plane and go to the train station which is located immediately below the airport. From there, you can go to any major city in the country.

Want to take it a bit further?

While the public transport is good across Europe, inter-country travel is still developing. The best way to travel across the European countries is therefore a car. This makes car rental Schiphol airport an attractive option to consider. When you fly to Europe, you can pick-up your car upon arrival and start the journey. There is even a valet car rental Schiphol airport present which you can use. This means that the company will make sure the car is ready for when you walk outside of the airport. A quick checklist with the car rental representative and you are ready to hit the roads.

Many care options to explore

There are many car rental options that are worth exploring. For example, there are affordable smaller cars such as the Volkswagen Up. If you want to take a bigger car, there are also larger family cars from Renault and Citroën. Of course, car rental Schiphol airport also offers more luxurious car from German brands such as Audi and BMW. This all depends on your budget and desires.

Traveling from within the European continent?

The Netherlands is a good transport hub, also from within Europe. Regional flights can enjoy the offerings of other airports too. For example, you can rent a car Eindhoven airport. This smaller airport comes with attractive rates and has a lot of rental options available. Due to the lower real estate costs involved, this regional airport is often more attractive to use than its bigger brother Schiphol. Traveling regionally therefore gives preference to renting at Eindhoven airport. When searching for your next flight, take these two airports in mind!

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