Renting Cars 101: How to Create a Car Rental Website

Car rentals are a business that needs a lot of investment to lease, buy or manage a car fleet. In fact, you’ll have to compete with large car companies such as Hertz, Enterprise, Europcar, other companies.

And it’s a challenging business as most rivals undercut their competition by giving better quotes. That’s why it’s important for every entrepreneur to stay diligent, and informed on every benchmark.

Before you search for programmers to create a car rental website, you should think about your website’s requirements and highlight a list of features that you want on your website.


Website Features

You can check a myriad of car rental websites to find the main features that are accessible to all visitors: a login, car payments, reservation form, blog, and testimonials. We’ll show some of the top features you should apply to your site so that you can obtain the most customers.

Availability Status

You will need to have up to date information of your car fleet at all times. Available, under repair, currently rented, the status of the car will allow your users to see a clear picture of the entire feet and manage it correctly.

Fleet Management

You can adjust this feature to display the number of models, makes, car details, inspection, expenses, vehicle damages, and more information. With fleet management, you help your users get a better gauge of what cars are available and how they can use them on your website.

Finance Management

Get analytics and information of payments, transactions, and other forms of accounting in one place. There is a myriad of business models for a car rental. For example, small companies should try a peer-to-peer model or work with other companies and entrepreneurs.

You can create contracts with tourist agencies, restaurants, and independent retailers. All of these relationships monitored and managed in the system (taxes, payments, fees, reservations) alongside other forms of financial management.


The reporting system is a powerful and effective marketing tool. It’s always important to know who will give you the most profit.

There are specific indicators that you can monitor to see what areas will give you the most revenue and which one will run your account dry. The reporting will help you with generating realistic analytics.

Orders Management

The Orders feature will give managers the possibility to edit and view all of the reservations that comes from your site. Also, you should take account of the orders that come from the front desk and the phone calls. Operators can add reservations manually on this section.

Closing Remarks

We believe that when you create a car rental website, it’s worth it in the long run. Not only will it help you provide a service to a wider audience, but it will also generate high profits if you manage it correctly. Conclusively, you should speak with your web developer before making a site so that you get the best designed site possible.


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