The Best Tech to Look for in Your Next Nissan

Photo by Albin Berlin from Pexels

If it’s been a while since you bought a new car, and especially a Nissan, you may be surprised by some of the technology that is now available. Cars are capable of more than ever before, but not every model has all the latest features. When shopping for a new Nissan, it’s a good idea to know what some of the current and best tech innovations are, so you can ensure they’re in the model you get. Here is some the best car tech to be on the lookout for:

Phone Connectivity

One thing you’ll definitely want to look for is the ability to connect your phone to the car. Connecting either your Android or Apple device to your car will allow you to stream music, make hands-free phone calls, get turn-by-turn navigation, and much more. Depending on what type of phone you have, you’ll either want your next car to have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Luckily, most models that come with one typically come with the other. 

Wireless Phone Charging

Another great car feature that involves your phone is wireless phone charging. Many phones now have the ability to recharge their batteries without a wire. All you do is place your phone on the flat surface of the charger, and the battery begins to refill. Some new car models have this technology built-in, so you can charge your phone simply by laying it down. This means you don’t have to worry about losing the wire, a dead phone battery, or too many things cluttering the front of your car.

Blind Spot Monitoring

One of the biggest causes of car accidents is when you merge into another lane and don’t realize there is another car in your blind spot. With blind spot monitoring, your car will actively scan for anything in your blind spot and alert you if you’re about to merge into another object. This simple warning sign could save you from a major car accident, especially if you’re on the highway or in bad weather. In terms of new safety features, it’s practically a must-have for any new Nissan you’re considering.

Exit Warning

Similar to blind-spot monitoring, an exit warning will monitor the side of your vehicle when you are getting out. Sometimes you are in a tight parking spot and you can’t always see what’s coming up next to you. With an exit warning, you will be alerted if there is something coming up alongside you, such as a pedestrian, a bicyclist, or another vehicle. This warning is there to prevent you from injuring anyone with your car door but also protects your car door from getting hit. It makes use of the blind spot monitoring technology, so many new cars are beginning to add it.

Parking Assist

If parallel parking is your Achille’s heel, you should look to get a Nissan with parking assist technology. With this technology all you need to do is pull up to the spot you want, turn on the parking assist, and the car handles the rest for you. Sit back as the car uses its onboard cameras to carefully steer you into the spot, without risk of hitting anything along the way. 

While driverless cars may not be here yet, this is one major step in that direction. If you’ve ever found yourself attempting to parallel park on a busy road five or six times, this feature can save you a lot of stress.

A Remote Starter

A remote starter itself isn’t a relatively new piece of technology, but it’s still a great feature to have. In addition, some car companies are upgrading the abilities of their remote starters, making them even more useful. For example, some cars combine the remote starter with the parking assist technology, allowing drivers to park their cars without even being in them. Even without this, though, remote starters are great for warming up your car in the winter or cooling it down in the summer before you get in, so look for a Nissan that comes with this bonus feature if you can.

Protecting Your Cars Tech

With all this new tech inside your Nissan, you’ll want to protect it and ensure it keeps working properly. There are a few simple ways you can do this. First, try to keep liquids away from any sensitive equipment. If you do bring a drink into the car, make sure it has a secure lid on it. Next, take your Nissan in for regular service. Nissan dealerships can update the onboard software, to keep it working right and prevent any security breaches.

Finally, consider getting an extended warranty for your Nissan. Like anything else, onboard technology can break down and cost a lot to repair. With an extended warranty you’ll be protected beyond your initial warranty’s expiration date, giving you some additional financial protection. To learn more, you can discover the Nissan extended warranty cost online at Olive.

Getting the Best Tech in Your New Nissan

Car technology seems to change significantly each year. If you don’t get the latest and best in your new car, it won’t be long before your car’s tech is out of date. These tech features can significantly improve your driving experience, so the next time you’re shopping for a new Nissan, be sure to see which of the above features you can get.

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