Lead Generation Strategy – Does Your Company Need It?

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One of the main goals for marketers is to sell. It’s an indirect process, but still, marketing activities should generate leads and at the end increase the profit for the company. Of course, marketing has many other functions like creating a brand’s image or increasing customers trust in the brand. But at the end of the day for most of the companies, the profit counts the most. The answers to the basic questions about lead generation you can find in the following article.

What is actually a lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of collecting contact data for potential customers using dedicated tools, technologies and marketing campaigns. The main advantage of having, for example, a base of e-mail addresses to people interested in your products or services is that you can contact precisely with your targeted group. Therefore, your success rate will be probably higher, and you don’t annoy other Internet users, for whom your company or brand is completely irrelevant. Leads don’t necessarily mean the individual person; it can also be seen as a company when it comes to B2B marketing.

How to generate leads?

The first step is to get customer attention. By creative ideas, you need to make your add noticeable for certain people – your audience. Prepare personas and research to find out the most about your targeted groups. Thus you’ll get to know how to attract your potential clients.

In lead generation marketing you can use many methods. Here you can find a few ideas:

Gated content

You can prepare a piece of content, like an e-book, that you can place on the simple landing page. Customers can download such content after leaving an e-mail address. Make the process easy and, so it will only take 2 minutes to get the desired content.

Social Media

Target your campaigns for social media users that you think can be interested in your products or services. Place the Call to Action button that will enable to leave the email address or some other information. You can use functionalities that are already built-in on Facebook for example.

Web push notifications

Create a pop-up on your website where people can agree on subscribing to your notifications. It’s the quickest way for getting subscribers as they don’t need to fill up any form. Just click „Yes”. Later you can send notifications to your subscribers while they use any site.

Try a few lead generation strategies to find out which one works the best for your company. Analyze every campaign and choose the best sales to lead generation option for future activities.

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