XNSPY Mobile Monitoring App, the Future of Digital Parenting?

It really is quite brilliant how more and more app makers are choosing parents as their primary audience. Seems like the time when we thought parents aren’t all that well acquainted with technology is past us. Gen X has come up to speed with Gen Y. One such app that understands and fully explores the proficiency of a tech-savvy parent is XNSPY. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it basically is a parental control app… but it is also a lot more. It serves the purpose of monitoring a child, but it is also sophisticated in function and design. It treats parents like intelligent, digitally aware people and lends them the power to look after their kids in the cyber worlds they’ve created for themselves.

Do Parental Controls Really Need an Upgrade?

A traditional parental control would perhaps allow you to block a few channels, censor a few words. But think about how a child uses a smartphone today. Of course they’re calls and texts. But there are also a whole bunch of instant messengers, social media apps, and the internet, which opens up their world to every kind of good and bad.

Think about it this way: your traditional parenting handbooks won’t come with a manual on how to deal with cyberbullies, or what to do when a solicitor approaches your minor, or how you should tweak a child’s social media privacy settings. Which is why you need more than a parenting control—a monitoring app designed to fit the smartphone habits of a child of today. That’s what XNSPY is; an upgraded parental monitoring app that takes into consideration how kids use their phones today. WhatsApp, internet browsing, selfies and all.

Do Kids Need All This Extra Monitoring?

The truth is, children need a mediator in whatever they do. Especially when they’ve got something as extensive and versatile as a smartphone in their hands. Because it gives them a sense of freedom and accessibility that’s not necessarily healthy. There’s a pretty diverse spectrum of harm. They could use their phones for something a little less overly harmful as watching adult content. Or they could use it for something that could ruin lives, as in the case of three 12-years-girls of the Wisconsin stabbing case. In the same way you wouldn’t let them drive a car on their own for a while, you simply can’t leave them alone with a smartphone, either. We’re truly living in the future where a child’s problems are far beyond the physical world—they exist digitally, too, in WhatsApp texts and selfie likes.

What’s Advanced About XNSPY?

XNSPY is a mobile monitoring app that lets parents remotely view their children’s smartphone activities. Once installed onto a kid’s phone, all the data will be transmitted to a web control panel. The data, in this case, are text messages, IMs, browser history, multimedia, and GPS location among other things. And what’s the best part? All of this occurs in a non-intrusive way because the app runs silently in the background. All XNSPY does is inform the parent in real time of what the child does on their phone. Parents can look through their chats, their pictures, anywhere they think they’ll find something fishy. When you think about it, so many cyberbullying, stalking or scamming cases could’ve been prevented if a responsible parental figure was involved. So XNSPY gets the parent more digitally involved.

One Step Ahead With Digital Parenting

Think of every trepidation that you as a parent have regarding your child. While a progressive mobile monitoring app like XNSPY may not sustain each and every one of those, it definitely is a step in the right direction. Gen Y is going to continue finding newer digital avenues to explore; one moment they love Twitter, the other Instagram. But looks like Gen X won’t be left far behind anymore. This is the future of digital parenting.

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