QuietHome – Super Soundproof Door

Serious Materials, a developer and manufacturer of sustainable green building materials that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gases, has introduced the world’s first THX-certified soundproof door. QuietHome soundproof doors are specifically designed to provide maximum noise reduction. They are well suited for home theaters, commercial studios, offices, and conference rooms.

QuiteHome soundproof doors join a line of existing QuietHome noise-reducing products such as their high performance, energy saving windows and the company’s THX-Certified soundproof drywall, QuietRock 545 THX, with STC ratings up to 80.

These doors incorporate Serious’ proprietary viscoelastic polymer-based constrained layer damped system, a multi-layer design and advanced seals throughout the door edge, which provide an STC rating of 51 in the 2¼” thick door. If we compare these doors to solid-core doors that have an STC rating of about 27, we’ll find that QuietHome Doors reduce noise 65-85%.

Another option is using two QuietHome Doors back to back and separating them by a three-foot air gap, thus achieving an STC rating of over 80. “For maximum enjoyment of your favorite movies and music, you have to keep the noise out and the sound in. THX-Certified QuietHome Doors – along with THX-Certified QuietRock – help deliver that great listening experience,” said John Dahl, director of education at THX. The price tag for these doors ranges from $1,495 to $2,495.

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More information about QuietHome soundproof doors can be found here.

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