MoVille – A Compact Tear-Shaped Car

MoVille is a concept car invented by Woo-Ram Lee from France for the 2008 Peugeot Design Contest. This single-passenger vehicle is built out of unpainted biodegradable plastic, has artificial intelligence, and a zero-emission drive train. Designed to be as compact as possible, it consists of a single passenger capsule which tilts vertically to save space, an important factor in today’s crowded roads and highways.

MoVille has an electric drive train which uses electromagnets in order to rotate the car’s three omnidirectional magnetic ball wheels. Entering or exiting the vehicle is done via its sliding window door. A second sliding door, which consists of photovoltaic solar cells, might also be integrated, thus recharging the car’s batteries.

This concept car has an artificial intelligence which allows it to recognize its owners and open the door for them. In addition, it can drive itself or park automatically. MoVille is equipped with proximity sensors, cameras, and GPS and can also be driven wirelessly via digital devices like cell phones and portable game consoles (a similar concept was introduced in the BMW 750i in the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”).

MoVille can communicate with other cars as it features wireless road networking. This technology can help prevent accidents and help reduce traffic jams, as it allows for the vehicle to accelerate/decelerate synchronously with other cars, since it is aware of its own position on the road as well as of that of the others. The vehicle’s status (indicated by a turn signal) is displayed on the car’s OLED “eyes”. An organic display can be used to personalize the MoVille and communicate with other passengers.

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More information about MoVille can be found here.

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