Morgan LifeCar

The Morgan Motor Company plans to present a prototype of the “LifeCar” at next month’s Geneva Motor Show. The LifeCar was designed to be an aesthetic, high performance, hydrogen fuel cell, zero emission vehicle.

The British motor car manufacturer Morgan first announced its plans for developing a hydrogen-powered LifeCar about 18 months ago, and is now promising to present a fully functional unit at the Geneva Motor Show. The new prototype is a fuel cell hybrid sports car based on the Aero Eight roadster. Several organizations, including Oxford University, collaborated on this project, and over $3 million have been invested in it.

The design features a regenerative-electric motor in each wheel. It is powered by a fuel cell and it is claimed to have a driving range of 200 miles (320 kilometers). The LifeCar has built in ultra-capacitors that are charged using regenerative braking and surplus energy, allowing for a smaller hydrogen tank.

Currently, Morgan Motor has not mentioned whether the LifeCar is actually destined for production or not. However, its makers are hoping that the LifeCar’s combination of performance, range, and fuel economy will persuade even the most skeptical drivers of the benefits of “green” transportation.

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More information on the LifeCar can be found on Morgan Motor’s website.

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