Toyota Hi-CT and Friends

Toyota recently added three new concept cars to its growing line of futuristic vehicles, the Hi-CT, the Future Toyota Mini Van, and the Crown Hybrid Concept car. All three vehicles have a unique, environmentally friendly design and many innovative features.

The Hi-CT is a concept vehicle, which was built to be “cool” and “enjoyable.” The car itself was deigned from the start to finish in order to attract younger buyers. According to Toyota, it was developed around an “unbalanced” main theme – unlike the classic wide and low form, the Hi-CT has a totally new vehicle proportion that is centered in the front. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a plug-in hybrid engine and has built-in jacks for powering mobile devices.

The Future Toyota Mini Van (FT-MV) is a concept for the next-generation minivan. Although the van’s square shape is not very attractive, the vibrant design of the side-window line and the fender arch gives the car a dynamic feel. In contrast to conventional minivans, the interior of the FT-MV is quite luxurious, including six leather seats.

The Crown Hybrid Concept is formed as a sedan and was built on the Crown original concept: being the most comfortable luxury passenger car in Japan. 1,795mm wide, it is larger than most cars, invoking a sense of stability. This vehicle has a rear-wheel drive and is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine and a Hybrid System II with a two-stage motor speed reduction device. In order to ensure the vehicle’s stability and a high level of safety, Toyota has implemented a Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management system. The system enables the car to take command during critical emergency situations. All analog instruments have been eliminated and instead the car is equipped with a Finegraphic Meter, which can accurately display information on a LCD screen.

TFOT has also covered a new ‘plug-in’ Toyota Prius, which enables the hybrid car to achieve an impressive 125 miles per gallon of fuel, and the ultra modern concept car called Acabion GTBO, which has a theoretical top speed of over 600 km/h. Other related stories are the Morgan LifeCar, a zero emission vehicle, the and the X PRIZE International Competition for ‘green’ cars.

More information on the Hi-CT, the Crown Hybrid, and the FT-MV can be found on Toyota’s website.

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