Portable Induction

The Spanish Company Fagor recently introduced a new portable induction cooker. Induction cookers are considered to be one of the most eco-friendly products, as they utilize 90% of the energy used by other cooking devices, and reduce cooking time by 50%. Equipped with a digital touch control panel that makes it easy to operate, Fagor’s cooker is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The lightweight and compact cooker presents users with a unique, energy-efficient, portable cooking solution.

The operating principal of an induction cooker is similar to that of an electrical transformer. A coil of wire is mounted underneath the cooking surface, and a large alternating current is made to flow through that wire. The alternating current creates a changing magnetic field. When an electrically conductive pot is brought close to the cooking surface, the magnetic field induces an electrical current in the pot, which heats the pot’s content.

The portable induction cooker is quite compact. It measures 12″ X 14″ (30 X 35 cm) and weighs only 8 lbs (3.6 kg). The cooker’s flat surface is made of durable heat resistant Eurokera glass, and the stainless steel trim makes it very easy to clean. With six power levels, it has a temperature range of 190-430 degrees Fahrenheit (between 87 and 220 degrees Celsius).

Induction cooking is also a very safe way to cook, because while the pot grows very hot, the rest of the cooking surface remains cool. This is because the food is heated by the cookware itself rather than by the stove. The auto-pan detection feature provides additional safety, ensuring that the unit shuts-off automatically when there is no cookware on it. This device is also equipped with a child safety lock system, as well as with a low and high voltage warning system.

TFOT previously covered “Pebble”, a solar food heater concept, which was created by French design student Laura Pandelle, who was one of the finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 2007 Competition. The Pebble was designed to operate by using spray-on solar cells, a cutting edge technology currently under development. This new device may change our attitude towards the domestic use of electricity by allowing us to incorporate solar technology into our daily routine. TFOT recently reported on a different induction based technology, developed by Fulton Innovation. The technology, called eCoupled, enables wirelessly charging electrical devices.

More information about portable induction can be found on the Fagor Company’s website.

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