Pebble – Solar Food Heater

“Pebble” is a solar food heater concept created by Laura Pandelle, a French design student, who is one of the finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab 07 Competition. The Pebble is designed to operate by using spray-on solar cells, a cutting edge technology currently under development. This new device may change our attitude towards domestic use of electricity by allowing us to incorporate solar technology into our daily routine.

The Pebble’s shape was chosen by Pandelle because she wanted to “combine the natural aspect of a pebble warmed by the sun and the efficiency of photovoltaic cells.” Pandelle explains that she intends to minimize the gap between our increasingly high-tech environment and our practical needs.

The Pebble’s base contains an induction heating device, which heats the food by creating an electromagnetic field between the coil and the metal container, providing almost instantaneous heat transfer. The heating stops as soon as the container is removed.

The spray-on solar cells technology, which allows any surface to be converted into a solar cell, is currently under development at the University of Toronto. These solar cells can produce energy even on a cloudy day, thanks to their sensitivity to both visible and non-visible solar radiation.

As Pandelle explains: “With this product, I intend to introduce solar technology, which is considered utopian by a lot of people, into our everyday environment. The Pebble is conceived to coexist with other electrical appliances, it doesn’t pretend to replace them, but it does challenge the way we use them.”

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More information on the Pebble is available here (PDF).

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