TrioBike – Carrier-Pushchair Combined

The Danish designed TrioBike is the world’s first carrier-bike which combines a bike and pushchair in one. The front carrier can be easily removed, leaving the bike and the pushchair separated. The Triobike provides a safe and simple way to transport kids. By having two bikes, parents can take turns delivering their children to and from the kindergarten. In the morning, one parent can use the TrioBike carrier-bike option and separate the pushchair upon arrival. At the end of the day, the other parent can arrive on his/her bike and attach the pushchair back onto the bike for the ride home.

The TrioBike’s pushchair has standard gear, mudguards and disk brakes. It is equipped with two five-point safety belts, two seats suitable for children up to the age of 9and a double bottom rim to secure safe driving. It also benefits from impact resistant and durable sandwich construction in UV stabile and vacuum formed ABS.

The children’s seats are made of rugged, hard-wearing material that is easily cleaned and doesn’t fade in color. In addition, the seats and backrests can easily be removed and mounted again.

The pushchair is also equipped with a folding hood that protects the kids against the sun or the rain. The hood is made of a rugged, water-resistant and wind-resistant material. It has a large window in front, which allows the children to look out, as well as a smaller window in back, allowing the parents to look in.

The bikes are equipped with Shimano Nexus 7 speed gears, have an aluminum frame, approved locks, mudguards, patented fixing, a control and brake system and integrated front- and rear lights. A demonstrative video of the TrioBike is available here.

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More information on the TrioBike can be found here.

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