Interactive livePic

livePic is an interactive technology aimed at expanding the user’s drawing experience. Developed by Makoto Katsura and Masa Inakage at the Inakage Lab at Keio University in Japan, LivePic enables users to “move” and “control” the pictures they draw. A user can literally breathe life into his picture by blowing on it and it comes alive with animation. Likewise, the user’s voice, a tilt, or a jiggle creates various such effects; a spoken prescribed word commands a particular action to be carried out on the picture.

The interactive "canvas" is equipped with a wind sensor, a tilt sensor, a pressure sensor, and a microphone for voice-recognition. The system senses certain actions performed by the user and animates the picture as feedback. LivePic’s smart but traditional, handheld color palette sends the system a signal each time the user changes the color of his brush.  LivePic can be implemented as either a touch screen (using a projector mounted from behind), or as a touch panel, which is a smaller, LCD-type device with similar properties.

The LivePic technology might have several applications. First and foremost, children (even adult ones!) can interact with the images they create for a fun and imaginative game or exercise. LivePic technology could be used as a form of interactive advertising in which the viewer could take an active role. Video artists might also choose to use the technology to create interactive works, which in turn might entice viewers to play with it.

More details and a video showing LivePic in action may be found on the LivePic webpage.

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