Easy Desk Makes Computing Easier

Portable laptop? What about a portable desk? This foldable aluminum desk is designed specifically for using laptop computers comfortably in all sorts of positions – while sitting on a chair or sofa, lying on your back in bed – or out in the garden.

The Easy Desk has three joints on each side so that the tabletop can be adjusted to any angle and height at a press of a button (unlike previous models, which included screws and was more complicated to handle). With a maximum load of approximately 12 kg, the 48 x 24 cm desktop accommodates nearly all laptops. When not in use, Easy Desk can be folded flat and easily hidden away. Weighing 2.4 kg, the flattened table is portable.

For anyone who’s ever tried to use his laptop in bed and was never able to find a comfortable position, wants to work outside, or just doesn’t have a room enough for a large computer desk, for less than $60, Easy Desk is the solution.

More pictures and explanations of the Easy Desk Aluminum can be found on the Rare Mono Shop website.

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