The Luminous Elliptical SkyCeiling

The Luminous Elliptical SkyCeiling – by The Sky Factory is not a real skylight, but rather an ingenious play with light that gives the illusion of a view to the outside. The Luminous Elliptical SkyCeiling, typically installed with 6500 K, T-5 fluorescent or optional 6000K RFfreeLux LEDs (for MRIs) lighting systems, provides daylight-balanced light (the same used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder) for a rich color rendition of “natural” daylight.
The Sky Factory offers a variety of images to choose from or lets you compose your own, as well as options such as remote/manual dimming and programmability with fluorescent systems. The only downside is that the picture doesn’t change.
The Luminous Elliptical SkyCeiling doesn’t come cheap – it can cost up to $375/sq. ft. for RFfreeLux LED systems.

More information on the Luminous Elliptical SkyCeiling can be found on the Sky Factory webpage.

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