Philips Entertaible

Philips’ Electronic Multi-Touch Tabletop Gaming Platform – First revealed at the IFA 2006 exhibition in Berlin, the Entertaible is one of the first social electronic platforms.

The Entertaible uses proprietary digital shape recognition and multi-touch sensing to interpret the moves of several players simultaneously. Philips Entertaible is initially targeting social gaming away from the home to pubs, bars, hotels, or restaurants and plans pilot testing at several partner locations in Q4 2006. The Entertaible platform comprises of a 32” LCD, multi-touch and shape recognition technologies, and PC-based control with the option for internet connectivity for tournaments, all housed in a robust table-top unit 10 cm high. This allows the Entertaible to be used in a wide range of settings and lighting conditions, and the hardware to be custom-fitted in furniture.

More information from the Philips Entertaible page.

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