Lynx – the Autonomous Indoor Vehicle

The Lynx robot
Lynx is a new navigating autonomous indoor vehicle developed by California-based Adept Technology company. This smart robot can navigate its way around almost any building and move stuff around.
Adept Technology developed a new robotic helper named Lynx aimed at businesses, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hospitals and other facilities. The Lynx uses a digital map for determining its location and can recharge itself automatically when needed.
One of the highlights of the Lynx compared to otherautonomously vehicles is ability to work without any external assistance such as magnets or navigational beacons which are used in other robots.
Lynx can move through cramped passageways as well as areas with people walking about. Using an internal map programmed into its computer the Lynx navigate its way but it can also use onboard sensors to avoid random obstacles and react to voice commands.

Some basic specs of the Lynx:
  • Weight: 130 lb.
  • Carrying capacity: 130 lb.
  • Battery life: 13 hours run time (3.5 hours recharge)
  • Zero degree turning radius.
  • Maximum speed of about 4 mph.
  • Programmable voice commands.
Pricing for the Lynx has not been published by Adept but as a industrial robot it will probobly be out of reach for your average household.
More information on the Lynx can be found on the Adept website.

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