Dyson’s Airblade Tap – the First Faucet-Dryer

Airblade Tap – wash

Airblade Tap – dry
British company Dyson, well known for its vacuum cleaning technology, has been expanding its focus into other related areas including fans and hand dryers. Earlier today the company introduced a unique first of its kind faucet-dryer which makes the task of washing and drying your hands simpler and quicker than ever.
In 2006 Dyson introduced its first Airblade based hand dryer . Unlike conventional hand dryers which uses a wide jet of heated air, the Airblade uses a layer of room temperature air traveling at around 400 miles per hour which can dry your hands in about 10 seconds and uses less electricity than conventional hand dryers.
Seven years later and Dyson is coming with a second generation of its Airblade technology, reducing the unpleasant high pitch tones it produces, taking off almost 5.5lb and reducing CO2 emissions by 40% during manufacturing to keep the entire production green.
Even more interesting Dyson actually introduced today a completely new implementation of the Airblade technology called Airblade Tap. Simply put this is a combination of a faucetand a tiny decorative Airblade hand dryer.
The Airblade Tap should offer a great deal of saving according to Dyson. It will cut the cost of electricity for businesses using hot air dryers (12 seconds instead of 48 seconds and far less power – Dyson saying it will cost less than $50 to operate a year versus almost $1500 to operate a conventional hand dryer). It also cut the cost and trouble of keeping hand towels around all the time (which are typically massy as well).
Dyson also claims that the Airblade technology is more Hygienic than other forms of hand drying. It uses HEPA filters that are suppose to kill 99.9% of all bacteria so that the air that gets into your hand is totally clean and you also don’t need to touch anything – the entire operation of the Airblade Tap uses heat sensors for both water and the dryer.
The Airblade Tap comes in 3 distinct versions – short, long and wall (mount) each fitting a different type of sink.
The Airblade Tap family will be available starting March 2013 with an asking price of $1500 (or £1000) and will be aimed at offices, restaurants, bars and other public places.
More information can be found on the Dyson website.

James Dyson showing the new Airblade Tap

Airblade Tap explained video

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