How Air is Breathing Life into the Everyday Industry 

Photo by Ahmed Shahwan from Pexels

Have a look around you and then breathe. Air is the substance that gives us life and nearly everything we see, touch, use and even eats or drink has been helped through the use of air. The air we breathe has played a part in so many aspects of life and yet most of us are oblivious to it and some of us never even knew. With all the technology that fills our world, we need to be grateful for the substance we cannot see yet gives life in so many forms.

The value of air

As human beings, we understand the value of air. It is quite simple if there is no air we suffocate and die. However, in industry air, or more importantly compress air has value. Air is air to most of us but compressed air when incorrectly regulated can cause all kinds of problems.  Without a regular compressed air audit, some companies could be losing large sums of money or the product being produced is not made correctly. For so many companies air has massive value and could be having a bigger cost than they might imagine.

Everyday items made with air

Many of us have no clue what some of the everyday items we use would not be the same without air. We take are for granted and yet it can become one of the most valuable commodities when used in business. Compressed air goes into the production of so many things and we never pay any attention. Take the disposable polystyrene catering items, not the most environmentally friendly of items but they are nonetheless reliant on compressed air. Even the humble loaf of bread can have compressed air pumped into to make it rise faster or just become softer, yes very often when you buy a loaf of bread you are paying for fresh air.

Tires and air

Now here is a weird one. Tires need the air we all know that and compressed air, sometimes mixed with some nitrogen ensures your tires are inflated to safe levels. But take a close look when your tires are being replaced. Many motor mechanics rely on air-powered tools to tighten nuts and bolts, especially those on your wheels and therefore air again becomes a valuable part of saving you money through efficiency.

Air: we can’t live without it

Everything from well-known drinks to packaging they come in relies on compressed air today. There are very few industries that don’t use compressed air in some part of their production, even if it is just as part of the cleaning process. We and industry cannot survive without air and while it may be free it is certainly valuable. So, the next time you pour yourself a Coke or Pepsi, have your tires changed or simply drink from a polystyrene cup be eternally grateful for air and the very clever people who understand compressed air. Without the use of air, your tires and coke would be flat, and life would not be as good as it is.


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