5 Robotic Helpers in Your Home

What would life be like if all you had to do was wake up, press a switch and have all those cumbersome household chores done for you? I bet this would be a heavenly experience, no struggle no pain. For so long, this kind of idea has been viewed as a bottleneck dream, a fantasy that can never be achieved.

However, with the brilliant minds in the engineering industry, this dream has started being realized, even for the low-income households. With the right combination of robotic devices and proper connectivity, your smart home will be ready for your enjoyment. Do you want to clear your to-do list of chores without having to as much as lift a finger?

Well, here are the top 5 robotic helpers that you need to bring into your home.

1. Robotic Lawn Mower

Neat lush green lawns have a way of screaming “Welcome!” to anyone that sees them. Apart from frequent watering them, mowing them is also essential in ensuring a beautiful lawn. We all know that having to mow now and then is not fun so that we could use a robotic lawn mower for this purpose.

Even though it is not as powerful as its manually operated counterparts, the convenience that comes with it will give you all the liberty to trim your lawn as frequently as you wish while you sit back and relax. With the functionality of a robotic vacuum cleaner employed in this lawn mower’s design, it can cut and suction all the grass rather than leaving it littered on your lawn. However, not all the work is complete once you purchase the robotic mower, you have to set up guide wires before its first use, but everything else becomes easy after that. A robotic lawn mower is absolutely a must-have for any home with a lawn or courtyard, mainly if it can be controlled remotely.

2. Robotic Vacuum

A robotic vacuum is a small robot that vacuums your floors. Robotic vacuums are designed with the most advanced robotics technology and sensors and very handy when it comes to cleaning of floors. This vacuum gives you the reliability of a hands-free operation as it uses its advanced navigation technology that scans the surrounding area, preventing it from bumping into obstacles or falling off edges. Its dirt sensors ensure that the vacuum can go back and forth in dirty areas, providing a spotless clean.

The best experience about owning a robotic vacuum is the fact that you won’t incur any energy to operate it. All you need to do is set up a Wi-Fi connection and start controlling the robotic vacuum remotely via your smartphone app or its control hub. In fact, you can monitor its working, set up virtual boundaries for cleaning, design cleaning schedules and even switch it on/off remotely, even when away from home on vacation.

This means that your floors will always remain clean even when you are away from home for extended periods. If you own one of the Roomba robotic vacuums, you don’t need to worry about a low battery as once it is detected, your vacuum cleaner will move automatically to its charging dock for recharge, after which the vacuum cleaner resumes cleaning the floors. So don’t forget to leave the charging dock turned on if you want to have your floors vacuumed on a regular basis.

If you are looking to invest in the best robotic vacuum cleaner, best decision is  to read comparison reviews between top models Roomba 960 vs Roomba 980 vs Roomba 890 to find ideal Roomba for you.

3. Robotic Steam Cleaner

While vacuuming floors will get rid of most dirt on your home’s surfaces, any deep-seated dirt may never be eliminated. This is precisely where the robotic steam cleaner comes in handy. While previously less famous, with the introduction of the iRobot Braava and other respectable models into the market, steam cleaning of both bare and carpeted floors has turned from being a dreaded task to a fun activity.

This cleaner releases a stream of pressurized water from its clean water tank onto the floors and then uses rotating brushes to agitate any dirt. The dirty water is then suctioned into the dirty water tank, leaving your floors deep cleaned and fresh. The robotic steam cleaner will move back and forth, cleaning the surfaces and sucking the water until the perfect cleanliness is achieved. Some of these steam cleaners will also release a stream of warm air onto the surfaces, thus promoting faster drying.

These robotic steam cleaners amalgamate the functions of a broom and dustpan, as well as a mop and bucket, which is enough to cater for the most essential cleaning needs of every household. This is the best addition to your home: a must-have investment for any household.

4. Robotic Washer/Dryer

When the washing machine was first discovered, it seemed that we had found the ultimate solution to getting our laundry done. We had to switch to manually washing or dry cleaning our delicate outfit pieces like cashmere coats and lace clothes. However, with the advent of robotics, we now welcome the robotic washer/dryer, which is ideal for doing your delicate laundry. All you need to do is hang your outfits on hangers placed in the robotic washer/dryer, otherwise known as the “Swash”.

With its precision misting, you don’t need to worry about your delicate fabrics getting destroyed by rigorous washing. It also makes use of a rapid thermal aeration process for complete drying of your clothes without forming wrinkles or developing the bad odor. With the ability to control the washing and drying processes and settings remotely, you won’t need to worry about that dirty shirt you forgot to wash yet you need to use very soon.

5. Gardening Robots

Keeping our gardens clean and in perfect health is such a challenging and cumbersome task. In the past, you had to do all the digging, weeding, watering and treatment manually using less effective tools. In this technological era though, you can now enjoy the beauty of your garden without going through the normal hassle. Gardening robots have the capabilities to weed your garden with precision, water your plants and even deliver pesticides and fertilizer with desired meticulousness. Most of these robots can be remotely controlled and monitored via their control hub or own smartphone app. These robotic tools are incredible additions for anyone who owns a garden however small.


Adding any of the above robotic vacuums to your home will surely help a great deal in reducing your household workload. Having all these robotic helpers, on the other hand, will make your life impeccable. While most of them boast of prohibitive price tags, they are lifetime investments that you may have to consider if you want a softer and more enjoyable life. You can purchase them from online or offline stores, and don’t forget to make good use of the offers and discounts that come up frequently. This will ensure that you can own the best smart home robotic helpers without breaking the bank.

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