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If you’re amongst a few people intelligent enough to seek ways to make household chores fun, then the word Robot Vacuum Cleaner isn’t a vocabulary for you. According to this review, cleaning carpets, vinyl and wooden floors is an assignment you can easily perform while smiling. We will update you on the pros and cons of these cleaners that have the capacity to execute extra tasks like mopping and UV sterilization, keep reading. Usually, people are encouraged to read best vacuum.reviews online to get vast acquaintance with best latest cleaners available in stores. In case you haven’t had a chance to read vacuum robot reviews, there’s no cause for anxiety, as we will enumerate all you need to find out before you release cash from your purse to purchase one. Beware that we don’t intend to list all types of vacuum cleaners, but the iRobot Roomba 650 conspicuously appears top in the list.


Factors to consider in purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner

Before spending your money, below are top five essential things to consider:

  1. Motor size. The more powerful one has more amps, the power of the cleaners is proportional to work.
  2. Ensure you get a warranty on In case you land on a faulty cleaner or it breaks down before the lapse of the warranty period, it will be replaced.
  3. Define the specific purpose of your cleaner. The nature of the areas to be cleaned will determine the best fit.
  4. Airflow. Air carries dust from a dirty surface to your cleaner’s bag, the more the air flow, the higher the efficiency.
  5. The material used to construct your cleaner. Durability, cost of maintenance and total weight are factors to consider too.

Pros and cons of using robot vacuum cleaners

Just like any other machines, robot vacuum cleaners have both setbacks and advantages, but there are more reasons to use them. When Bruno Marin’s wife got pregnant, he took paternity leave to spend with family. Since their work involved traveling, he began reading reviews robot vacuum and ended up buying a vacuum cleaner and has now had a very good experience with the cleaners.


  1. Can be used hands-free, without manual labor
  2. They are vital to busy professionals
  3. They can be easily programmed and controlled using a remote control


  1. Sometimes they may miss critical spots with dirty
  2. When programming instructions aren’t clear, it may take long to program

At this stage, let’s take a preview of two main Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

  1. Eufy robovac 11. This is the best to help your home carpet and floor clean at a low cost. It’s best for cleaning small rooms since its short and attractively round shaped.

When you but the Eufy robovac, you are given a tool to clean the vacuum and extra side brushes. Dumping thrush from dustbin is very simple, just pressing a button.

It has six cleaning modes namely: edge, spot, max, single room, manual, auto, and spot; selected using a remote.


Amazingly, it is one of the cheapest despite the good performance. However, it lacks high-end features like Wi-Fi and app-interfacing characteristics.

  1. iRobot Roomba 650 If you are a pet lover, the designers of this cleaner had you in mind, it removes pet hair that can be harmful to your health. Below are its features.
  • It comes with maintenance accessories that will help you perform regular maintenance.
  • It has advanced sensors that make it clean thoroughly
  • It has auto-scheduling characteristics up to seven cleaning sessions and is easy to program
  • It’s simple to use, has a main button for cleaning which turns green when ready to be used and yellow when the battery is getting low
  • It has a trio cleaning system. It picks up dirt, pet hair and debris unlike most cleaners
  • It has a capacity to detect stairs, furniture, and obstacles in the house
  • It’s very quiet hence don’t disturb other house activities
  • It has a sanction power higher that all comparable products in the market
  • It has the largest bin compared to all other Roomba models
  • It comes with a 12 Months warranty
  • It’s small in size and weighs 12 pounds

This model is said to have the following limitations:

  • It takes a long time to charge when the battery is completely depleted of power
  • It is somewhat expensive; its services are worth it
  • Being round-shaped, it cannot remove dirt from corners
  • A few people complained that it left some disgusting patterns on the carpet, but this depends on the type and height of carpet.


There are more types of robot vacuum cleaners; you can read reviews on robot vacuums if interested with others. We believe you are best placed to check out more vacuum robot reviews in your pursuit of the best the market can offer.


According to this review, the best robot vacuum cleaner means one that fits your room size, type of your floor surface amongst other factors as enumerated above. You will get value of your money if you decide to comply as per the advisory in this article. If you will still need more reviews, exercise your power of choice for the best quality. While we recommend that you only research on authentic reviews on robot vacuums, constant research is vital since technology changes very fast lately. We encourage you to continue visiting us for more reviews robot vacuum. Also, you can keep watch on breaking technology news especially on the wealth of choices regarding this kind of cleaners.

Your journey to clean hands free task accomplishment in little hassle has begun if you have read through this article to this sentence. Your success depends on your application of the knowledge acquired, let technology clean your house.

You can deliberately enjoy a clean home environment.

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