TI Wireless Charge Technology Ready for Action

Texas Instruments (TI) recently introduced its next generation wireless power technology – 80% smaller than the previous generation with high efficiency – the technology will be able to charge cell phones, cameras and other mobile electronics using simple touch with no wires.
In late 2008 the Wireless Power Consortium made up of several key electronics manufacturers (including TI) established Qi as the global standard for powering rechargeable electronic products. TI has been working on developing transmitter and receiver kits based on the Qi standard and while pervious development kits have already been demonstrated by the company before the recently

TI’s bq51013 wireless unit

is significantly smaller and can easily fit inside many electronic devices.

There are several players in the wireless charging including powermat which sells inductive base station and special wireless receivers, the technology is far from widespread at present. TI is hoping it will be able to bring wireless charging to a much wider range of products and manufacturers who would integrate it into their products rather than require users to purchase separate receivers.
TI states several potential applications for the new bq51013 unit including:
  • Phones
  • Remote controls
  • Digital cameras
  • Medical equipment
  • Power tools and flashlights
  • MP3 players
  • Toothbrushes
  • Global positioning devices
  • Automotive accessories
TFOT previously covered WiTricity – Intel’s Wireless Power Technology Demonstrated.
For more information can be found on the TI website.

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