Does Ring Offer 24/7 Continuous Recording? (How it Works)

When you install a security camera in your home, the primary intent is to ensure optimal protection and security. So, finding a good-quality security camera with 24/7 continuous recording is necessary.

Ring camera has managed to steal the show among all the available options. If you are considering buying a Ring camera to install for your home’s security, cross-checking its recording settings is a must.

For your convenience, we have sorted all the insights you need to know about whether or not Ring offers 24/7 continuous recording.

Does Ring Camera Record 24/7?

Ring camera

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Now that you have a basic understanding of the Ring camera, its operation, and the types, let us answer the question of the hour, “Does the Ring camera record 24/7?”

The short answer is No. However, there is a catch.

Most of the smart security cameras you come across don’t offer 24×7 recording, meaning that the camera isn’t video recording every minute of every day. But does that mean it isn’t functional 24×7? The answer is no.

The ring camera is operational 24/7, meaning that if it detects some kind of motion at 2:00 AM, it will alert the users and start recording its surroundings immediately. So, in that way, you can rest easy knowing that your house is safe and the camera is doing what it should.

When the Ring camera detects some kind of motion, it will start the recording and send you a notification so you can watch the live recording of what’s happening.

The Ring camera’s recording length is set to 20 seconds by default. This means that when the camera detects something, it will record the event for 20 seconds per the default setting, and then the video is uploaded to the Ring cloud. You can do so from the app if you want to prolong the recording length.

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How Does Ring Security Camera Work?

Before we glimpse the Ring camera’s 24×7 operation, we must understand the camera’s primary mode of operation.

Does it not intrigue you about how this camera works and how it keeps you alert if someone is near the vicinity of your home? Well, let us walk you through them.

1. Switching to Live View

Ring camera live view

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Once you are done installing the Ring camera, the next thing you need to do is install the Ring app on your smartphone. This is the one-stop solution for all your notifications and alerts.

Following the installation, you must log into the app with relevant credentials and connect all your Ring devices to a single account. What this will do is keep you updated about any alerts or movements.

The best part about the Ring mobile app is the convenience. You can watch the live view recording of the camera and keep an eye out for things. All the live recordings are uploaded to Ring Cloud for future access.

2. Motion Detection

Image Soure : https://support.ring.com/

The best thing about the Ring device is its motion detection sensitivity. Even the slightest movement can trigger the camera to record what’s happening.

If the camera records any kind of motion around it, the Ring camera starts recording by angling itself towards the direction of the motion. You also get a direct notification on your smartphone to keep an eye out for what’s happening.

What’s also great is that the users can select the recording length, which is then saved to the Ring cloud. You need to buy their Ring Protect Plan, a subscription plan, to access the items saved in Ring Cloud.

3. Someone’s at the Door

someone at door

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In most cases, the Ring camera is fitted outside the house to alert the homeowners about trespassers and visiting people. So, the recording on your Ring camera will also be triggered when someone is at your door and rings the doorbell.

The recording for this situation continues for a few minutes, and the video is saved to your Ring Cloud for later access.

What are the Different Types of Ring Cameras?

Many individuals have this misconception that the Ring camera is a single variant that users install outside their houses.

While the company is one, Ring has various security cameras. What’s great is that there’s something to fit everyone’s budget without compromising security.

Some of the different types of Ring cameras include:

Ring floodlight camera – If you are specifically looking for a Ring camera designed for outdoor use, the Ring floodlight camera is hands down the best pick. The motion-activated floodlights are pretty great.

Ring stick-up camera – This is another popular outdoor Ring camera with a sleeker design. The highlights of this security camera include night vision and two-way communication.

Ring indoor camera – If you want to prioritize your and your family’s safety inside your home or fit security cameras inside your offices, this indoor camera from Ring is a great addition. It is designed for short-range recording and has various innovative features integrated into it.

Ring spotlight camera – The last on the list is the spotlight camera, potentially one of the most expensive since it’s packed with all the latest features and technology. This wireless camera is battery-powered and can record videos in 1080p resolution.

What are the Reasons Behind the Ring Camera Not Recording 24/7?

Many users have this misconception, thinking that a security camera “recording” everything 24/7 is the best option. Technically, doing so is a waste of energy, storage, and resources.

Even though the Ring camera isn’t recording every event of every day, it remains alert 24/7, which is what you want in a security camera. You intend to ensure that the Ring camera is working optimally to detect motion and alert you when needed.

Some of the reasons why the Ring camera doesn’t actively record 24/7 include:

  • There are wired and wireless Ring cameras. If you were using the latter variant, having the security camera record the events will drain the battery quickly.
  • The most essential reason Ring cameras don’t record 24/7 is to save storage and space. Can you imagine how much storage it would take to save mundane videos 24 hours long?

In most cases, Ring security camera does what it is supposed to: Alert the users of any potential threat or danger based on motion detection. So, recording throughout the day isn’t a necessity.


How long will Ring doorbells record videos for?

The default setting for the Ring camera’s recording length is 20 seconds. However, the range is between 15 seconds to 120 seconds. You can change that from the settings on the Ring app.

Are subscriptions mandatory to view Ring recordings?

You must have an active subscription plan to be able to watch the recordings of the Ring camera. Different pricing plans are available, which you can check out from their official website.

Will Ring Camera offer 24/7 recording in the future?

Technically, it doesn’t seem like an option. Not only does it sound redundant, it is also wasteful regarding the resources involved.


Installing a Ring camera for your home security will probably be the best thing you can do. If you have been meaning to find ways to check if Ring camera records 24/7, we hope this article gives you all the relevant insights you have been looking for. There are certain restrictions, but the Ring camera performs well with the basic features.

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