How To Navigate Compensation Claims After a Car Accident

Have you or a loved one been in a car accident? You must file a claim fast to get rightful compensation for your losses.

The intersection of W. Capitol Drive and Highway 45, as well as the intersection of West National Avenue and I-894, are some of the accident-prone areas in and around the city of Milwaukee. The good news is that the Wisconsin statute of limitations grants residents three years to file a car accident compensation claim. But you can’t be complacent, as evidence collection and the ensuing negotiation process can take longer than expected. Moreover, you need enough time to file a suit in court if a settlement fails.

Car Accident

If you live in Milwaukee and have been in a car accident, you must consult with reliable personal injury lawyers. Reputable law firms have seasoned lawyers, such as Nicolet Law Milwaukee car accident lawyers, for instance, who can help determine the best way to navigate the legal process. These are some of the ways to traverse the complicated legal waters:

Seek medical attention

Immediate medical attention can save your life. Moreover, you need proof of injury to file an auto accident injury claim and qualify for compensation only if medical records show a connection between the accident and your health condition. Also, medical records are critical when calculating the nature and size of compensation.

Most importantly, don’t wait too long to seek medical attention. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster may argue that your injuries are unrelated to the accident.

Record the evidence

In car accident compensation cases, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. So, you must start gathering evidence early to make a strong case.

The first step is to call the police. A police record gives your case a strong footing. Next, take pictures that may help prove the defendant’s liability. These include traffic signs they may have ignored and poor road conditions. Finally, speak to witnesses and record their names, addresses, and contact information.

Document damages and losses

Auto accident compensations depend on the severity of injuries and the extent of damages and other losses. But more importantly, you must provide evidence of the losses. Car accidents can be won or lost based solely on the quality and amount of evidence collected, which is why documentation is not just critical–it’s required.

Therefore, you must get a police report, medical records, and doctor’s notes. You also need pay stubs showing evidence of lost income and receipts showing other financial losses. Also, get repair estimates from independent dealers. An experienced car accident attorney can gather evidence while you recuperate.

Inform your insurance provider

You must inform your insurance carrier right away for several reasons. First, the damages could be bigger than first thought. Moreover, the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster will try every trick to offer the least compensation.

Also, the at-fault driver may not have enough insurance to pay the damages. Or they may not be insured in the first place. Your policy carrier must know this early to work out a compensation plan.

Contact your lawyer

You’re at liberty to negotiate auto accident compensation yourself. But you’re unlikely to get a fair deal. Moreover, you need to recuperate, or the injuries may worsen. So, it’s best to let an experienced car accident lawyer handle the case.

The lawyer’s main objective is to negotiate the rightful compensation commensurate with your injuries and losses under the law. They’ll work with the best medical professionals and claims adjusters to ensure the best deal.

Negotiate a settlement

The other party’s insurance provider will initiate a settlement process immediately and is often willing to seal the deal within days if you’re on board. But this is often impossible, as gathering evidence and documenting the injuries and damages can take weeks. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry, as your lawyer will handle this process.

The total compensation depends on the medical bills, medication costs, medical equipment, vehicular damage, personal property damage, and non-pecuniary costs.

Consider full trial

Unfortunately, not all out-of-court settlements are successful. For instance, perhaps the claimed amount exceeds the at-fault driver’s insurance. Or maybe you cannot agree on a fair settlement. Or worse, they may not be receptive to a settlement. In that case, your lawyer may recommend a full trial.

To initiate a trial, your lawyer files a lawsuit in a court of law. Then the judge and jury determine the case’s outcome and the compensation’s nature and size. Full trials are thorough but take longer, often several months.


Auto accident compensation claims can be hectic, given the burden of proof is squarely on the plaintiff’s shoulders. But you can negotiate a good deal if you prepare well. The most important thing is to gather raw evidence and hire the right auto accident lawyer. The lawyer will handle everything as you recuperate.

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