How Much Can A Premises Liability Case Worth In Florida?

Like in other states, the residents and business owners in Florida must ensure the safety of those around their premises. Otherwise, if the owner is negligent, they are liable for any injuries and damages caused. A premises liability case is a category of personal injury cases and includes all the accidents on public or private property resulting from the owner’s negligence. Approximately 4 billion dollars go to settling premises liability injury cases every year.

The financial value of a premises liability case is determined by the type and severity of the injuries as well as the cost of treatment. As such, there is no definite answer to how much a premises injury case is worth. In case of any such injuries, it’s advisable to hire a premises liability lawyer who will help you with the case. With years of experience in personal injury claims, the lawyer will help you with everything you need to learn on Florida premises liability cases and settlements.

Premises Liability

Factors That Determine the Worth of a Premises Liability Case

Although there is no definite answer to the worth of premises liability cases, many factors affect the value of such cases.

Ready to learn all about them? Let’s get into the details!

  • The Extent of Damages

Generally, more severe injuries translate to higher payouts because they naturally require more costs and time to heal than minor injuries. Besides, severe injuries cause more pain and suffering than mild ones.

  • The Available Evidence

Proving liability is challenging in many cases. For a premises liability case, you need solid evidence that the property owner’s negligence caused your injuries. You should seek legal help immediately after the accident so your lawyer can collect concrete proof quickly. Remember that some property owners may even repair or fix the hazard before you can collect evidence. They may even argue that you were partially at fault, so having a professional lawyer by your side is crucial, as they can help you gather evidence and build a strong case.

How to Maximize the Premises Liability Settlement Amount

Insurance companies often try to pay the minimum possible compensation for any claim. Since this is how they make their money, they will try to exploit any weaknesses. The only way to avoid being tricked into accepting less compensation than you deserve is to build a strong case through the following ways:

  1. Hire a Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability cases are complex, especially in calculating the true worth of your claims. These days professional lawyers even take the help of AI for document creation and other such tasks. Therefore, ensure to seek experienced legal help to navigate the process. Hiring an attorney for your claim will increase your chances of getting a maximum payout in several ways.

Hiring a premises liability lawyer will help you pursue the proper legal strategies. Not all injuries are the same; thus, the claim processes require different approaches. The earlier you start following the right strategy, the higher your chances of getting a high settlement.

Secondly, a lawyer will help you beat the statute of limitations. One of the tricks the insurance companies will use is to drag the negotiations as slowly as possible without any intention of agreeing to a settlement. By the time you realize it, the statute of limitations has expired. Without a professional understanding of these tricks, you can easily fall victim to the adjuster’s scheming ways!

Luckily, a premises liability lawyer will ensure you file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires.

  • Document All Damages

The other way to maximize your premises liability compensation is by documenting all the damages caused by the accident. When making a claim, you must prove that you suffered all the injuries you want compensation for.

For instance, you can use copies of medical reports, notes, and bills. You can inform your doctor beforehand that you need detailed, documented proof for every service you receive. In addition, you can note down the pain and suffering you endure due to the injuries.


A premises and liability case can be challenging to handle by yourself because a single mistake can threaten the success of getting fair compensation. If you are a victim of a premises liability accident in Florida, you should hire a premises liability lawyer to help you with the claim process.

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